Mobb Deep – All A Dream f. The LOX

blame it on Meka March 25, 2014

While you can listen to the entire project right now, check out one of the more anticipated cuts from Havoc and Prodigy’s The Infamous… Mobb Deep which drops next Tuesday (April 1st).

Produced by Ommas Keith & Michael Uzowuru.

  • Tino

    Banger! Definitely copping this mobb deep album.

  • hiphop is looking good

  • That sample is something crazy.

  • who cares

    Talk about disappointing. Two of the hardest NY Hip Hop groups and this is the beat they chose? Not sure how anyone could call this a banger. I couldn’t even finish the damn song.

    • koi

      don’t now what you talkin bout, beats hard, i think it’s a intricate beat. soulful in a way as well.

      • who cares

        I never said the production was bad, but it’s not the production I want to hear on a Mobb Deep/LOX collab. Hell, it’s not the production I want to hear on a Mobb Deep track period. Then again I recently listened to “Hell on Earth” so maybe I was just expecting too much. I just know that Mobb Depp excels at making hardcore Hip Hop music, and whenever they try to venture outside of their comfort zone they usually fall flat on their face, and this is a great example of that. The song is a straight up snore-fest.

  • DatN-word

    wack. fuck all that nut hugging shit just because it’s mobb deep or lox. Listening to the snippets, the lox should have been on the track ‘murdera’

  • Pizza Steve

    ILL! They could of easily been on some hardbody shit but that’s predictable

  • Ohms


  • NYCityKid

    This shit is super regular, ok cool it’s something “different” but no lasting power FOH this is what you call trying too hard

  • you cant expect the “old” Mobb Deep and LOX to magically just show up in 2014…not sure what else more ppl want here the track grew on me as it went along. the beat threw me off at first but overall i think it is a dope “reminiscing” kind of song…took too long for them to collab but cool with this result

  • Damon Jaafar

    Dopest track off of all the singles so far. Mobb Deep showing love to RDU, NC April 1st at Kings Barcade. !!!

  • we’ll see doe

    this is dope to a young nigga. props every time old niggas pick a dope beat

  • rohan

    “L.O.X THE BEST.”