SZA – Child’s Play f. Chance The Rapper

blame it on Meka March 25, 2014

With SZA’s Z as the third (of the promised six) projects out this year from the TDE camp, she connects with Chano on this somber cut from the upcoming project. Z drops April 8th.

Produced by XXYYXX and Dae One. Mixed by Dae One and Derek “MixedByAli” Ali.

  • Nicolas Thomas

    I’m looking forward to her project. This is dope as fuck IMO.

  • Alldaygb

    nice smooth record, I’m looking forward to her project

  • malcyvelli

    Chano season bout to kick offm SZA came through as always with this one as well

  • wat

    I’ll give her project a listen. I wasn’t sure before.

  • this shit is smooth as hell…SZA and Chance great combo here dope contrast in vocals…TDE stay winning

  • Jordan W.

    Yeah I rock with this. XXYYXX

    • drewsmit24

      Good ear sir

      • wat

        It says it on the page lol

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    I’m more Tekken than Street Fighter and I’m pretty sure Finish Him is from Mortal Kombat, but despite all of that I think I just felt the blood rush from my head for her video game references.

  • orangechickenkatsu

    what a beat.. TDE shutting the game down this year..

  • we’ll see doe

    not fire. yall would replay this?

    • Chris Brown

      1000000 times in the remaining lifetime

      • we’ll see doe


  • Blacc Jedi

    Hope it sells so she can keep doin her thing

  • Chris Brown

    I see, SZA is a fan of XXYYXX too. the original (about you) is crazy, 4 minutes of just pure madness..

    would be great to use another songs like witching hour, set it off, overdone..

    ahh!! great job sza and chance

  • I fucks with both SZA and Chance heavily but this track ain’t suit either of them too well – specially Chance. Chance was overpowering SZA on this entire jawn; nigga even interjected her mid lyric to jump into his verse.

    On a side note I’d have passionate, unprotected sex with SZA.

    Just thought ya’ll should know about my explicit sexual imaginings n’ shit.

    • MusicHead


    • OGBobbyJohnson

      Put on some fucking headphones and light a blunt. You’ll change your mind bruh bruh

  • TK

    damn where the dope nope button when we need it!

    • Jordan

      No we don’t. Too much dickriding.

      • TK

        To each their own brotha, to each their own

  • Lazy Eyed Republican

    I swear this is like a Female Hip-Hop version of Youth Lagoon. Blows my mind. This project will be awesome.

  • wealthistheword

    chance sounds very andre 3k-esque, rapgenius is gonna get a massive amount of hits whenever his new shit drops. song has soul

    • mel

      right about that 3k-esque sound, he just needs to work on his phrasing, pretty easy to get lost in what he’s saying cause he just keeps going

      • maus

        In the words of Little Brother: “nigga, that’s the point!”

  • Mez D

    SZA is actually the better part of this track, chance still did his thing though.

  • Rodmatic

    i feel it

  • Jamaal Rooks

    I don’t like chance on this. But shit, good for them.

  • DatN-word

    Not fucking with this at all.

  • 32gq

    Vic mensa beta then chance thought thought I’d let u guys know

    • Dave

      I been saying this for a min. Funny thing is most people know Chance but never heard of Vic smh

      • maus

        The reason why is that Chance is a better artist. Vic can rhyme but when you break his rhymes down, he tends to add some nonsense – and don’t get me wrong, he can get deep but sometimes he’s just too corny.

      • 32gq

        Yea he still underrated to me even though this site pushes his shit out there radio whise if go with chance but lyrically in my personal opinion vic is better

    • MusicHead

      He’s not. Acid Rap still better than Innanetape

      • 32gq

        It’s really not though in my personal opinion acid rap got played out quick and pretty annoying in certain areas a dope tape but innanetape is better just my opinion

  • Pizza Steve

    Yea this project is gonna be really dope.

  • Dave

    I bet Chance drop a banging project this year. It’s long overdue

  • MusicHead
  • MusicHead

    Please watch this & spread & support.

  • Zapp Brannigan

    Whats that background sample, I heard it on Ty Dolla $igns Beachouse 2

  • Smee

    The melody sounds like Audio Day Dream by AD.d +

  • shovel

    Bitches aint shit- Ty$

  • krow132

    Didn’t like Chance on this much. Song really didn’t benefit much from him being on here. The song overall is dope though

  • realtalk82

    I just want a SZA and Lana Del RAY collab and my mind will be BLOWN!!

  • Nicole Acevedo

    I’m in love!!!!!!