Wu-Tang Clan To Release One Copy Of Their “Secret” Album

blame it on Meka March 26, 2014

How insane is this? Apparently the Clan have been recording a “secret” album, The Wu: Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, for the last few years, and now it is ready for counsumption… for one lucky (read: wealthy) buyer.

According to Forbes, the Clan plans to take this album – which will be encased in the above “lustrous container was handcrafted over the course of three months by British-Moroccan artist Yahya, whose works have been commissioned by royal families and business leaders around the world” – around the globe on a “tour” through museums, galleries, festivals and more, charging visitors upwards of $30-$50 to listen to the project. Afterwards, the Wu will make it available for purchase for a price “in the millions.”

ROFFLE. I can only imagine who is going to shell out the duckets for this. Hell, I would too if I didn’t have any other care in the world.

Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

  • Mac Dre

    Whoever gets it needs to upload it to a leak site immediately haha

    • Sticky

      Might not be too difficult to figure out who leaked it tho

      • LaFlame

        In the interview RZA said that whoever buys it can do whatever they want with it

        • Sticky

          Damn I’m almost more excited to see what the buyer does with it than the actual music

  • Donnie

    I love when people try something different, but sometimes they try too hard. This is so pretentious, music is art, but the format is different to visual art, so trying to make it more like visual art by not duplicating it is kind of pointless. Also, when you’re aware that your audience is in the millions, it’s a pretty shitty move to limit the enjoyment of new music to ‘the highest bidder’. Not a fan of this move at all.

    • Donnie

      Sidenote: I’m sure the actual music will be great.

  • Guest

    he album was mostly produced by Wu Tang Clan affiliate, Morroco-based producer Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    just a tad too far. April fools hitting early?

  • Yoda Pluto

    based off of raekwon’s comments, where he said rza picked the album name, a better tomorrow, without the other members’ consent – and that rae hadn’t heard what the title was until the fans were told it – i’m guessing the other wu members found out about this secret project the same day we did, today. this private album is probably made up of leftover verses from various projects, including a tonne of leftover verses from a better tomorrow sessions. rza probably just gave all of a better tomorrow’s leftover verses to cilvaringz, for this private album.

    if all the wu members were in on this project, there’s no way news of this wouldn’t have leaked earlier, knowing how out of sync the wu currently is.

    • leutrim

      Masta Killa said he was aware of it, so who knows

      • Yoda Pluto

        via twitter, raekwon just congratulated cilvargingz for “masterminding” the whole project. seeing as how rae’s publicly the most skeptical member, in regards to wu-business, rae’s blessing is basically a solid confirmation that this is legit. great news!

        • leutrim

          You’re right, that’s very important. I’m even more interested/excited now

  • muk

    fuk wu, fuk this bs, retire now

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    It will be released ‘digitally’ in a similar fashion to MCHG, I reckon. RZA isn’t even sure what will come of this he’s just reaching and hoping for the best.

    • Julian T. Wyllie

      I hope it is digitally released…but I like to have CDs of the albums I love…so I still lose in that sense. But hey, that’s business.

  • Julian T. Wyllie

    I would be surprised if the other members even knew about this beforehand. And I would be even more surprised if the other members AGREED to this idea. Overall, the fans will still have love for the Wu. But this is not their finest hour.

  • RϰϰςΨ

    Yet another retarded concept. Someone is going to hook a recorder to their ear or something similar, and record the whole shit. $30? This can easily be flipped (line up my niggas) on any given site. Whose going to pay “in the millions” for this? LMAO

  • leutrim

    Honestly, if the RZA can make millions off that then that’s awesome. Ill be first in line to listen to the album when it comes to New York and I’ll drop $50 no problem for the right to do so. You guys can hate and whatever, but this is an incredible weird, abstract idea that is wholly different than anything else in music or art. It might be a little pretentious, but most high-art is. As far as the music itself, I’m sure whoever buys it will release the album as soon as they can. Art is for sharing and whoever is willing to cough up millions to do so will probably share that sentiment.

    • Dolokhov

      you are a fucking idiot

      • leutrim

        Big words coming from a little bitch

        • Dolokhov

          no seriously you are borderline retarded

          • VictorStefanescu

            No seriously, you are a little bitch.

          • Dolokhov

            go eat a croissant you french cock sucker

    • schuyler

      I’m on the fence on whether this is a good idea or not, but I can’t deny that I too would be in line to listen, for sure. Sounds like an experience.

      • leutrim

        It’s just unique as hell and unprecedented. Anything outside of the norm warrants some attention.



  • TBH I think it’s kinda dope.
    I mean, I’m not payin 50 dollars(that’s about 2 lapdances n a gordita supreme, niggas) but the concept itself is dope.

    The IDEA is iite but the actual execution..nah. Kinda like how the IDEA of having sex with a midget is enticing n’ shit but you’d never do it.


    Unless you me.

  • Marley71

    I would go to an event and pay $30 to listen to it. Hell yeah! This is my favorite group. If it sucked I would tell everyone and dissuade them from wasting their money, but if it rocked I would tell everyone to go. Some time afterwards I’m sure copies would be made available, that’s the only way I would be down for it.

    Think of how attentive the crowd would be. Everyone would be quiet like church soaking the album in. That would be like a religious experience.

  • It is amazing to see how essential the marketing/roll-out of music has become in order to stand out in this digital age…will admit that this is a little absurd from the viewpoint of a hip-hop purist but from a business perspective it’s smart…i mean Forbes had the exclusive report of all publications so the Wu is reaching out to a wide audience on this…would dish out $50 to go to a museum to listen because i have respect for what they’ve done for the culture and think it would be a cool experience…and its safe to say the buyer of this album (whether its an wealthy individual/label/etc) will leak it so we will all be able to enjoy the music, and that’s all that really matters

  • who cares

    This is fucking stupid. I love Wu, but this doesn’t benefit any of the parties involved. It does a disservice to the fans who have been loyal to the Clan for years (see: decades), and it comes off as a cash-grab.

  • Guest

    all I know is whoever buys this shit better leak it on the internet

  • fonzo517

    dope idea but $50 to listen to an album? never would I do that in my life

  • Ohms

    Nah son.

  • crackpot87

    it not worth it if Rae ain’t on it

  • DatN-word

    Just read that cilvaringz is doing most of the production. This is going to be one hard hitting old wu-style beat album. I’m going to be pissed as fuck if this doesn’t get leaked whoever buys it.

  • Beard Gawd

    If this was ’95, maybe (probably not) this would be a good idea. But in 2014?! lmao. I hope the Wu know no one’s checking for them THAT much… Actually, they probably know that and that’s why they’re doing this.

  • Chris Dole


    One love.

  • I think RZA himself said something like “this might flop or this might be a great idea..” It’s experimental, doing shit no one has done before. I think it’s also a statement to draw attention to the value of a record these days. Not necessarily a critical statement (i guess everyone has already noticed how things have changed a bit since 90’s or even early 00’s), but just to draw peoples attention and raise discussion on record value. I think it’s cool all in all, and interesting to see how this turns out. Probably RZA and the rest of the Wu are just as interested, and not depending on the $ outcome.

    Not many rappers or rap groups could pull something like this off, at all.

    I hope it’s a cassette tho, lol.

  • Luke Foord

    This would have to be a fucking impressive album.