50 Cent – Smoke f. Trey Songz (prod. Dr. Dre & Dawaun Parker)

blame it on Illy March 31, 2014

50 Cent and Dre reunite on the latest single off Fif’s upcoming album, Animal Ambition, out June 3. Featuring co-production from Dawaun Parker and a hook provided by Trey Songz, “Smoke” can be heard below.

Below, 50 Cent talks Diddy/Rick Ross picture controversy, G-Unit, his latest single, leaving Interscope, Animal Ambition, and lots more.

  • Bryant Hurtado

    I fucks wit it

  • rockiefresh

    Just finished watching the interview and man 50 gives some of the best interviews ever even my damn grandmother saw him on tv once and said she liked him off hearing him speak. But his problem is he keeps it to real in a fake industry and he stands out.

    The track is actually pretty hot. I have seen a few people say it sounds outdated and the beat is wack but i love that about it. Kids nowadays are so use to hearing the same drums and vst’s that when something that sounds different comes out they get confused.

    • leutrim

      “But his problem is he keeps it to real in a fake industry and he stands out But his problem is he keeps it to real in a fake industry and he stands out”

      I’m done.

    • Prince Akeem

      “Kids nowadays are so use to hearing the same drums and vst’s that when
      something that sounds different comes out they get confused.”

      that’s such bullshit the way you 50 stans always blame the kids for 50’s lack of progression. a good song is a good song. this is the most generic shit ive heard all month.

    • factsonly

      50 cent is wack in his interviews and rappin u have to get his nuts out if your mouth asap.

    • NoWuff

      I honestly don’t think he has a problem. He has a great business sense and has successfully promoted himself throughout his whole career.

  • Saugdenstock

    Damn !

  • Great song! The music he is putting out is getting better every time! Can’t wait to hear the whole album!

  • treez69

    50 back at it

  • RϰϰςΨ

    Pop shit. I need Dre in that hard hitting gangsta mode. NO ONE fucked with Dre back in the day. Might be the best producer in Hip-Hop.

  • leutrim

    That beat was kinda fire, but 50 didn’t do much with it. Also, Trey Songz on the hook? What year is it? 2010?

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    this sounds like cutting room floor fodder from a few years ago…

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    need cdq dirty to fully judge but feeling the bit where 50 is doing the singing at 1.29.. should of done the hook himself maybe.

  • biff tannen

    Beat was dope. Song was ok. Still not pumped at all for fifs album. *shrug*

  • Prince Akeem

    This guy is really still rhyming hypnotic with psychotic and yall still trying to defend him. smh

    • SpeakingHarshTruth

      50’s fanbase these days is like the Rap version of Britney Spears’ fans.

      30 year old grown women buying her singles and paying out the ass to see her mime on stage, all because they listened to her when they were 16. The nostalgia affects their perception of the music.

      Hold On was kinda ok, but carried by the beat. Everything else he’s released has been so mediocre and generic.

      His guns/bitches/money content is played out, and he isn’t musically creative enough to re-invent himself, or at least do it to a high standard like Jay.

      • biff tannen

        Jay is boring now a days too. He just has a better ear for beats.

        • factsonly

          Jay > 50 anyday. Jay has more flows and better bars and he is the most successful street rapper of all time nothing else to be said.He could buy 50 cent and 2dopeboyz.

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            Agreed, niggas need to stop jockin Jay nuts, because they some haters, hate on Em for that MMLP2 shit, nigga been out for a minute and he musically is stuck in the late 90’s early 2000’s.

            His fan base is no different from 50’s the difference is all he did was go pop.

          • biff tannen

            Everything you said is true. That being said, he’s still been boring af.

  • Deezuss

    God why u gotta take nate dogg.. His hooks suits these dre beats more than anybody else

  • OG Jake

    50 raps with zero emotion in his bars. He has serious creativity problems. Fuck 50, he’s complete nobody in the rap game. Doesn’t focus on his music, just the money.

  • bobX9

    even if he makes a legit banger by today’s standards, everyone gonna be saying how he trying too hard and it won’t sound natural. His time as a rapper is well past its prime so no point in arguing about him being back or having fallen off… it’s done for him

  • marty mcfly

    This shit is cool, I wont say its DOPE but its not a bad record. I’m glad 50 is showing signs versatility at this point. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of hardcore songs on the album but 50 gotta be a “artist” so constantly making songs about killing people just loses its appeal after a while. So a smoke about smoking weed? Hey I’ll take it cause an album should be about a bunch of different stuff instead of 50 beating the same subject matter every song.

  • this is good music .

  • Stop saddlin’ 50’s dick; this shit about as dated as Jnco jeans. This nigga Rockie Fresh typed that bullshit with tears in his peripherals.

  • BX

    ya dumb ass niggaz who hatin on fif stop it ya dont know gd music when you hear it the music fif is putting out is ten times better then all the BS songs played on the radio from all these wak ass rappers out nowadays

    • biff tannen

      Its really not tho

    • factsonly

      this song is straight doodoo man come on stop

  • who cares

    Another day, another weak 50 Cent joint. I’m kind of digging the beat, but the lyrics are uninspired, and I’ve never been a fan of Trey’s vocals. I’m close to just skipping this album altogether.

  • Lorant Mena

    not bad

  • SJB

    Nice little punch at Jay: “Bey got to bring her husband when she was asked to perform for the president.” But fact is, Obama himself has stated he made the first call to Jay.
    That’s just jealousy or a light punch.

  • Jay Beatz

    just can’t deal with another smoking track from fif knowing he doesn’t lol

  • Jay Daniels

    That boy Fif heating up again

  • ☁⚡Bläzé4President⚡☁

    This mix is bad.

  • Joe Grasse

    as a 50 fan, and hearing THIS coming from dre and 50… theres no hope for a smash record

  • Freeman

    Once you stop expecting old school 50 to resurface, you’ll start to appreciate at least some of his new material. If not you’ll just keep leaving yourself disappointed.

  • Jae Brown

    50 is a goddamn politician, all the side steppin’ questions…he cracks me up…how many times does he say ‘actual’


    50 IS A SMART MAN.