Puff Daddy – Big Homie f. Rick Ross & French Montana (Video)

blame it on Illy March 31, 2014

Puffy is back with the premiere of his music video for “Big Homie” alongside Rozay and French.

Get “Big Homie” on iTunes now and look out for his upcoming album, Money Making Mitch, arriving sometime this year.


    diddy as soft as elephant shit, punk ass nikkuh


      but this song aite dont get it twisted

  • Arun Gopal

    Is that diddy’s son at 2:21?

    • Revoc

      yup, Christian Combs. Was his bday yesterday btw.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Can’t Front…This is Tough….Sounds Like Meek Wrote It

  • rockiefresh

    lol this is embarrassing

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    dammn they did french like that

    • VerbalPainter

      I imagine…what…wit all them cameos (2Chainz…bowow…Snoop…French, etc.) they’ll prolly be on the remix. French been pumpin’ this vid hella hard on i.g. like he was co-starrin’ on the track and he ain’t did ish!!! He hyped this as much as his highly anticipated (by me) “Paranoia” vid and that was trash on the visual vs what one could imagine for them months on end that he kept saying coming soon for.

  • AARON B.

    they took an L for that nae nae dance at the end. They should have stopped him like Beanie Sigel stopped that kid from doing the Harlem Shake on that Roc the mic video

  • hh_addict

    A fake ni99a, that’s the ish I don’t like

  • YeDaTruth

    Am I a fan of Diddy? No. This song isn’t even better than most of his other ones. The slow flow and sinister trap beat need someone with a more commanding delivery, such as Rick Ross (who I’m assuming wrote Diddy’s verses). Now, that being said, is it a pleasure to watch Diddy ball, his greatest talent? ABSOLUTELY. Puff’s stunting is second to none. Look at 0:30, when he effortlessly pops the bottle of champagne and lets it dribble out, all without even looking at it, paying it almost no mind. That’s subtle balling right there. The Man has made stunting an art form, just look back at the “Hate Me Now” video if you need more proof.

    • Dat nigga

      Lmao co-sign. King of effortlessly subtle stuntin

    • Guest

      +1 On your observation and +100 on your the style of your writing!

      This comment is the truth!

  • hmm this kinda dope

  • Bout as talented as Richard Jefferson in the paint, Diddy still got a banger in this song.
    Can’t hate on Diddy for bein worth close to a billi and still do jawns like this for Worldstar and still lacking any talent.

    On second thought, fuck this nigga.

    But nah, this song knocks.

  • RNS

    chorus pattern sounds just like Rozay’s B.M.F

  • ggoodday

    Lmfao what is this? I’m sorry i just dont see how people can dig this. Especially since most “trap” beats sound very similar to me, either just sped up or slowed down lol.

  • Selorm Amuzu

    DIddy is one of the best shit-talkers in the game ! this is what makes him a great entertainers in this genre lool

  • Vega Smith

    waits for freestyle by better rapper