• BoRed

    This is dope. Murs is a welcome addition for sure. I think the hook could have been better tho, it sounds like he kinda recycled the "Show me a God" chorus.. but I ain't mad at it

  • Sebastian Alban

    Murs is boss

  • Myke J Morris

    Fucking Killer Dope ^S^

  • Johnathan Stewart

    Bang, bang, bang , for strange. Shit goes hard.TECH N9NE #LIFE

  • Joseph Casey

    Wow this song is dope! Another killer track from Tech.

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    Nice, Murs and Tech are great together. Haaarrrddddd ^S^

  • Patrick

    tech killed it as always

  • Myshadow Nephteria Cartrail Mu

    Fucking illy!!!!!!

  • http://www.about.me/KNZO KNZO

    "my shit is hard, i'm constipated."

    i'm a fan of tech but c'mon, man. the song overall is alright.

  • Jaime Alonso

    m/ shit is hard whoop whoop

  • Dave

    shit the whole album leaked last week or something. that's pretty early for a Strange album, i didn't realise it was supposed to drop in May

  • Pashtoon Lodin

    Poon lickin' haha

  • DIesel

    Who the fuck can bump a track that says my shit is hard im constipated over and over.