According to RZA, Wu-Tang’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ LP Gets $5 Million Offer

blame it on Shake April 2, 2014

Last week we reported that the Wu-Tang Clan plans on taking their new “secret” album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin — which will be encased in the above “lustrous container was handcrafted over the course of three months by British-Moroccan artist Yahya, whose works have been commissioned by royal families and business leaders around the world” — around the world to numerous museums, galleries, festivals and more, charging visitors upwards of $30-$50 to listen to the project. Afterwards, the Wu will make it available for purchase for a price “in the millions.”

Crazy right!? Well, according to Billboard, RZA has already received offers, even as high as $5 million. Yes… FIVE MILLION.

“Offers came in at $2 million, somebody offered $5 million yesterday. I’ve been getting a lot of emails — some from people I know, some from people I don’t know, and they’re also emailing other members of my organization. So far, $5 million is the biggest number. I don’t know how to measure it, but it gives us an idea that what we’re doing is being understood by some. And there are some good peers of mine also, who are very high-ranking in the film business and the music business, sending me a lot of good will. It’s been real positive.”

Damn, that’s a lot of cars for the missus and furs for the mistress(es).

  • JemPage

    Would be doper if it were for charity

    • thatrandomguy


    • leutrim

      Everything is doper if it’s for charity, but that doesn’t mean RZA is wrong to go after a payday.

  • Luke Foord

    Still can’t accept this is a thing. Would like to hear the project at some point regardless, providing it becomes available in any way.

  • datbul

    Never underestimate the power of people with a whole lotta’ money and not nearly enough to do with it.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    *Waits to see if Jay Z becomes involved in some way*

  • Nicolas Thomas

    Bet it will still get leaked.

    • leutrim

      The person who buys it will leak it regardless

  • NoWuff

    I hate to be that guy, but shouldn’t the relatively inconsistent quality of Wu-Tang’s recent albums reduce this product’s credibility and overall value?

    Again, I hate to be that guy, but I feel like Kanye West or Kendrick Lamar (maybe even Freddie Gibbs), because of their consistent quality, would have a lot more success with this type of sale strategy… Or maybe I’m just a dreamer.

    • Sticky

      It’s not really about the music, it’s millionaires who are either really big fans and want to be able to own the ultimate wu-tang collectible or think they could make a profit

      • NoWuff

        I agree. Wu-Tang’s impact on hip-hop is what solidifies this as a major collectible. As a self-proclaimed hip-hop head I would love to own this, regardless of the music quality.

    • Poo[

      LOL you said “Kanye West” and “consistent quality” in the same sentence. You don’t know good music, my friend, kill yourself.

      • Chris Brown

        kill yourself if u a kanye west hater…

      • Dat nigga

        No one has made consistent quality music that is agreed by everyone.

    • marty mcfly

      Aint nobody paying millions for no damn Kendrick or Freddie Gibbs album LOL. Wu Tang FOREVER….

      • Charlie Van Horn

        fact…and I’m a true fan of both. This is about the Wu legacy as a whole. 20+ years of work. People simply do not understand

        • marty mcfly

          Word. My thing is if you have the power to do something then why not do it? The reason the Wu is doing this is simple, because they can thats why. People wanna comment on their music thats fine but the fact is their unique as a group. Never in your life ever again will you ever see one crew with the skill level of RZA, GZA, Ghost, Rae, Method, Masta, Deck, etc… Thats never gonna happen again period. You’ll never see a group with the same kinda messages, imagery, martial arts/comic book/5%Knowledge/cosmology/gangsta/chessboard strategizing/voltron lyricism etc… style again EVER. This is why the Wu is FOREVER

          • marty mcfly

            /chessboard strategizing/…

          • Dat nigga

            The diplomats is an equal comparison. The diplomats don’t get the credit they deserve. Too many niggaz hatin’

          • marty mcfly

            The Diplomats are not even close to being equal. There is about 50 albums out there with a Wu Tang logo on it from Wu group albums to solo albums to affiliate albums. The Wu has 9 members and most have made an impact. The only person that really matters in Dip set is Killa. As a group, the Diplomats got a couple albums but Wu Tang as done way more then them.

          • Dat nigga

            Diplomatic immunity, hiphop classic. All them wu-tang niggaz was shermed out on pcp and all damn near broke now. The diplomats, with cam as head, true representation of hiphop.

            Kanye knew what’s up. Only sided with jay cuz he had the connects. Just sayin.

          • marty mcfly

            You talk about classics as if the Wu dont have any? You named 1 classic project from the DipSet when I could name at least ten from the Wu as a group and as solo artists. You say Cam is a true representation of Hip Hop as if the members of Wu Tang are not. Killa is dope but on a lyrical level I dont see Jim Jones and Jewelz fucking with Wu Tang Clan in anyway shape or form. RZA has done pretty well as the head of Wu Tang and they have put out more classic material then DipSet. Like probably five times more then DipSet so NO, they are NOT equal. Thee end

          • Dat nigga

            Lol Marty know the ass woppin I’m bout to lay down lmao

            But nah, dipset’s run was short lived. Like the careers of pac and big. But they are pretty much the peak and true essence. Wu-tang was most definitely dope and original, but c’mon, the diplomats is like hiphop at it’s finest. Jay and kanye most advanced and evolved, wu-tang most unique, but the diplomats are it. Shit kanye was dame.

            Good or bad, gotta love em.

            And you talk like Juelz wasn’t lil Wayne before lil Wayne. Nuff said on that.

            Jimmy made a career out of nothing. Lol can’t knock that.

          • marty mcfly

            You keep saying shit the DipSet did as if Wu Tang aint do the same shit? LOL like wtf are you talking about? You say Diplomats is hip hop at its finest? Well what the fuck is…

            36 Chambers
            Wu Tang Forever
            OB4CL 1&2
            Tical 1&2
            Supreme Clientele
            Bobby Digital
            Liquid Swords
            Uncontrolled Substance

            and a whole bunch of other Wu albums etc… What was all that? Country music? You say DipSet’s run was short lived? Well Wu Tangs was not. You say DipSet is the essence of hip hop? Well what the fuck is Wu Tang fool? Jim Jones raps aint that poppin homie and neither is Jewles with his bandana bars. The Wu shits on most of DipSets music and the only lyrical talent on DipSet is Killa, them other niggas is weed carriers bottom line. You talking about Jewelz was ill and Jim made a career? WTF you think Wu Tang was doing?

          • Dat nigga

            Yall nerds worship niggaz that was high off sherm making music, fuck outta here tryna debate me and then knock juelz. Known fact he was suppose to be that nigga, then life got in the way. Can’t knock niggaz for life. But can’t explain real shit, to nerds, yall no comprehend lol

          • marty mcfly

            Wu Tang did what DipSet did but only about 5 times better as solo artists and as a group.

          • NoWuff

            Agreed. Regardless of whether the music is good this will still be a collectible, sell for millions, and potentially become a revolutionary industry-saving sales technique.

          • DjKhaled is MyFather

            That’s the market…

    • Charlie Van Horn

      You clearly have no respect for the WHOLE Wu-Tang movement, from start til now. Typical hip pop fan, not understanding the TRUE value of a long career and a fan base second to none. Come on man…you ARE and WERE “that guy” becuase you ARE “that guy”.

      • Dat nigga

        Calm down, niggaz was dumb shermed out they mind. Even know what that is? Lol

      • NoWuff

        I’m just trying to generate discussion. I’m 100% open to alternate viewpoints.

    • PacMan

      Kanye West has put out all Consistent Albums in his career??? LMAOOO

      What the Fuck are you smoking??? LOL

      • DjKhaled is MyFather

        I agree, I love Kanye’s music, but what are you talking about??

  • bean

    $5 million sounds like a lot but couldn’t they make more $ by distributing it normally? Or not? Not sure how the money flows between artists and distributors.

    • Chris Brown

      no. there is no way. for just 1 copy, make 5 millions is the best business ever.

    • SpeakingHarshTruth

      It sounds like a lot because he’s lying.

      No one sends serious offers, especially of that amount, through email.

      Of course he’s going to exaggerate to build hype. He’s playing the salesman.

      Wu Tang Clan haven’t put anything out in years to suggest the album is worth anything close to 5 mil.

      In fact I doubt they’ve all even been in the same room together since 95.

    • Charlie Van Horn

      You’d be surprised how many albums an artist needs to sell so THEY can ACTUALLY see $5 mill from it….if you understand the music business, you would know the artist is a puppet and a tool for the big execs to rake in the dough. If they can get $5 mill INDEPENDENTLY…good for them, its a testament to their Wu legacy and movement, which has had a HUGE impact not only in Hip Hop, but culture as a whole.

    • leutrim

      They’d need to sell it independently (so they could recoup 100% of the profit) and sell 500,00 copies at $10 a copy, but no wu-tang album will ever come close to going gold again (except maybe a Meth album if it has a hit attached.)

  • “Offers came in at $2 million, somebody offered $5 million yesterday. I’ve been getting a lot of emails — some from people I know, some from people I don’t know, and they’re also emailing other members of my organization. So far, $5 million is the biggest number.

  • who cares

    The fact that this is actually a thing still blows my mind. I’m sorry, but no album is worth $5 million. I can see paying a couple hundred for a rare, limited edition, one of fifty kind of thing, but no piece of music or collectible is worth $5 million. Especially if none of this is going to charity or anything. Nah. Everything about this situation is wrong.

  • Dat nigga

    Not that serious. Ghost face my dog, but no, not 5 million. Can we still get the album tho, for hiphop? Everybody wanna be a jay z or puff and make money now, but they ain’t get the hate they got. Tried to stand as far as they could from the “business.”

  • 1469247

    I don’t think most of you halfwits are understanding that it is not $5 million for an album. Clearly the piece of art commissioned by Yahya is more valuable than the album.

  • Ohms

    4,999,990.01 for the container
    9.99 for the album

  • DonaldBang

    Dag. do your homework. this album is not produced by RZA. that is why you never heard of it until now. It is produced by a dude named Cilvaringz. This album has the CLASSIC sound of wu-tang from the 90’s, is the only album that has extended wutang family artists (Killa sin, Killah priest, shabazz the discple, etc etc) rhyming side by side with the 9 main wu-tang generals. if you look up Tarik azzourogah or whatever his name is on youtube you can hear snippets of the beats used and a few snippets of the songs