Fighting Words: Fashawn Interviews Timothy Bradley pt.1 [2DopeTV]

blame it on Shake April 4, 2014

Shot by Shake & Tnel. Edited by Justin Hopgood.

Before Fashawn walks Timothy Bradley to the ring for his rematch with Manny Pacquiao on April 12th, we had the Cali-bred rapper and WBO welterweight champion meet in the flesh for the first time. During their initial meeting, the two discuss their respective careers, the business vs. the art, and the making of “Champion” over some vegan food in Palm Springs.

Tune in and catch Timothy Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao, April 12, on HBO Pay Per View.

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  • Brian


  • MikeTruth

    Damn what happened to Fashawn? His shit was dope.

  • Mac Dre

    I’ve been waiting for this post. Regardless of how you feel about the judging in his first fight with Pacquiao, Tim Bradley is a beast. He has zero quit.

    • Famm Booy

      GTFOH beast??? the only great fighter he has beaten is Pac and that fight was fixed!

      He beat marquez as well but marquez is 41 not in his prime at all

      • Mac Dre

        Beast as in he’s tough as nails and always finds a way to win. Also, the first Pacquiao fight wasn’t fixed, it was bad judging by judges who were in their 70s and should’ve been retired, not ringside. Also, Marquez is a great fighter that was coming off his career-defining win when he fought Tim, so Marquez does count. Plus, he beat Whitter, Holt, Alexander, Peterson and more who are all world class fighters, top of their divisions, when he beat them.

  • TheSweetScience

    Desert Storm by TKO!

  • Tim Bradley beat Pacquiao the first time and he’s gonna do it again TB4theWin

  • Fashawn is a highly slept on artist… dude is dope as a muhfcka

  • Ode To Illmatic is an amazing mixtape, he killed the track One Love and Represent