Flatbush Zombies – Get Yours f. Diamante

blame it on Illy April 4, 2014

After giving us “Don’t Do Drugs, Kids,” Flatbush Zombies return with the Diamante-featured “Get Yours.” Hear their second leak from their “Day of the Day” weekly release series below.

  • Boris

    Different from the zombies. Not sure how i feel about it.

    • fuck feelings. enjoy the shit. or skip it.

      • Dave

        Wise words.

  • pifff

    smooth. this is ill

  • BoRed

    The Zombies are progressing really fast, every time they drop something new they comin with new styles. Eric Arc’s production is very dynamic, and all three’s raps are climbing steadily. Juice used to be meh to me but he seems to have found his niche

    • same here but i eventually began to appreciate his piece in the puzzle, even on the shit i didnt like before. he is getting better… but he need to step it up next level on a release soon.. i thought he needed to do that shit on BOD to keep up

      • BoRed

        I’ve always liked the energy he brings, he just sometimes came with some corny stuff or lazy lines. But I got no complaints anymore

    • Djmanny2k

      It’s Like They Are On Drugs Or Something…

  • thats the beat he was makin in the last video huh

  • Big V

    That chick at the end sounds like Jhené Aiko tho…

    • Dave

      That’s kind of a stretch there.

  • Bryan Glenn Jones
  • Dave

    These guys are really showing their layers. Really good music.

  • PatrickBateman

    Where the homie BSZ at? He always the first to post on a Zombie track. Anyway this is dope. They blessing us with all this free ish.

  • Joe Dirt

    this is nice

  • jordan

    eminem dick riders