Papoose – Current Events (prod. DJ Premier)

blame it on Meka April 4, 2014

The best rapper out of NYC (his words, not mine) links up with the legendary producer (everybody’s general consensus) for this number off his upcoming new album.

  • Hood Oracle

    you can say you better then hov all you want pap…that don’t make it true bruh

  • realtalk82

    yeah I can get down with this…Let Pap believe his own hype it makes people work harder when it comes to competitive rap music.I like that. The violins make this beat even better

  • WetNWild

    rappers now a days get so much hate for speaking their mind smh

    • Selorm Amuzu

      when a man like Papoose says he’s better than Jay-Z, no one is simply gonna give him the seal of approval especially with his track record , there is talking that shit and walking that shit

  • leutrim

    I don’t wanna hate on Pap because he’s just trying to get his money and support his family. That’s respectable and something to be applauded, but he has to understand that he just hurts his own credibility as an artists saying he’s the King of New York when he’s done next to nothing of note.

  • marty mcfly

    Pap needs a marketing strategy. Not on some dumb shit but on some creative shit to accompany his next official project. People dont respect skills and he keeps beating that drum and thats cool but people want turn up music about ass and money and bullshit. They dont want no knowledge of self or creativity or complex subject matter etc… This is why in the last 5 or 6 years you got 1 rapper who gained success off having lyrical ability and thats Kendrick Lamar. He need to stop promoting how skilled he is and go fit in with the wack rappers and then sneak in some skills. He say he better then Jayz but one thing Jayz has mastered is how to come across has another mainstream rapper but then sneak in lyricism as he releases music. Instead of Pap going at Jayz, maybe he should follow the blueprint.

  • Deejhay Daz-One

    Ummm 50 Cent stopped beefing Ja Rule, Jay Z stopped beefing with Nas because they don’t have to resort to battling to make a buzz. It’s official Papoose is the new canibus. This sounds like a throw-a-way preemo beat I’m just saying….

  • Deejhay Daz-One

    I’m gonna Ba-rock O-sama bin laden Ya – WAAAAAAACK.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    diet jay z

  • marty mcfly

    Let Pap get some wack beats from Dj Mustard or some shit and get French Montana on the hooks or Future repeatedly saying turnup turnup turnup and Pap do the same kinda lyrical verses then people a be acting like Pap is the hottest in the game.

  • QuietHook

    Premier flipped the beat from Murs – Varsity Blues

    • timm2014

      Thanks for posting that! I was going crazy trying to figure that out.

  • Hood Oracle

    i’m not mad at pap for being competitive but I feel like legends should be lefted alone especially regional ones…you don’t see yg talking bout he better then snoop or e-40 leave the legends alone you don’t have the right you a small fry in this game.

  • anonymous

    if he feel he better than jay z so what, ya sucking jay z dick. hes a good rapper, dont belittle his talent because hes entitled to his own opinion.

  • JamMaster James

    Why should he not feel like he’s the best? Should he say he’s the shittest outta New York??
    Alot of you clowns in here obviously don’t know shit about hip hop
    You’re supposed to believe you’re the hottest! Why crucify the man for saying so! Utter bullshit

  • JamMaster James

    Its quite obvious theres a severe lack of hiphop knowledge in here. Papoose is SUPPOSED to believe hes the dopest rapper that says the slickest shit. Whats wrong with that? Thats what hiphop is about! At least what it used to be about before the money and the sales predictions. You wanna crucify him for saying hes the best? Should he say hes the wackest outta New York? Smh

    • marty mcfly

      I dont think people are crucifying him and he should believe he’s the best out but when he says he’s better then Jayz? Then judging by the overall musical career performance, most people dont agree with Pap on the issue for obvious reasons.

    • marty mcfly

      That would be like Termanology coming out saying he’s better then Nas? Well it sounds good but its really not the truth.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      Believe it or not in hip-hop, your actions speak louder than your words, while it is completely fine to say and believe that you are better than Jay-Z and have people support you on that no problem, it is your actions at the end of the day which solidifies your statement and belief.

  • Ian Delveaux

    I like papoose better than Jay-Z.