Random Acts Of F*ckery: Stage Dive Edition

blame it on Meka April 4, 2014

Despite seeing this happen numerous times in my life, stage dive fails are never not funny.

The worst/funniest part? That in the predominately male crowd, not one guy offered to help her back up. I’m in tears.

  • Danny

    I’m gonna air on the side of worst and say you’re kind of a dick if you think that’s funny.

    • BoRed

      Sometimes you just gotta laugh at shit mayn

    • leutrim

      Yes, you are the worst

      • Danny

        I know I am, man. Thanks for confirming my doubts.

        • leutrim

          also, it’s err on the side, not air

          • asdf


          • Danny

            Good call. Not even trolling, I just fucked that one up.

  • who cares

    I honestly think the funniest part is hearing Gibbs chuckle about it mid-verse.

  • Guest

    I was there shit had me dying lmao, you don’t stage dive on the last song after everyone’s smoked out..

  • DEA7H13

    I was there and shit had me dying lmao, you don’t stage dive on the last song after everyone is smoked the fuck out..

  • DC King Of Hearts

    That had to hurt…

  • Prince Akeem

    that was actually pretty mean

  • One

    When turning up goes wrong. Haha

  • People that stage dive during concerts are attention whores, any damn way.

    Nigga nobody care about you. Nobody tryin’ to feel up on a strangers ass cheeks because they decided it’d be a cool idea to jump into a sea of people.

    Just enjoy the fuckin’ show.

    Unless you a female. Then you can stage dive all you want cause a nigga tryin’ to feel up on them cheeks boo.

    Last part sounds kinda rape-y but I don’t care.

  • Dave

    oan is that Marz Lovejoy on stage?

    • Zapp Brannigan

      Dana Williams, they were performing “the hard”

      • Dave

        Thanks. Is she down with his squad?

  • leutrim

    Random people shouldnt be stage diving, it’s a privilege reserved for the artists. Don’t nobody wanna get jumped on by an unimportant stranger. It may be your dream, but idgaf. And this is coming from someone who once had ASAP Ferg (who is huge) jump on him. I’m cool with that, its his show and he loves his fans so he has that privilege.

    • BAHA at the australian concert a year ago, asap ferg jumped towards me n crushed this 16-17 year old girl, had her crying n shit LOL

      • leutrim

        He’s a big motherfucker hahaha. That girl shouldve seen it coming

  • wikig1itch

    Leave the stage diving shit to the mosh pits

  • Sirilly

    Dana Williams and her sexy self.

  • fonzo517

    shit looked like moses parting the sea lol