Wiz Khalifa - Maan!


Wiz Khalifa delivers another "weedmix" going over ScHoolboy Q's hit single "Man of the Year." Blacc Hollywood arrives later this year.

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  • Johnny Tarr

    is there anyway this is worth pressing play?

    • Your Best Friend


  • Your Best Friend

    This dude really did smoke himself stupid... What happened?

  • Kyle

    2010 Wiz is dope as fuck, everything after not so much.

    • Thank Me

      Agreed. That B.A.R. and Kush/OJ mixtapes were dope. Haven't heard a dope project since

      • nicoswebaby

        what the hell are you talking about, Taylor Allderdice tape was fire.

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          Taylor Allderdice was tough.

  • youtubemp3s

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  • cap_marv

    I guess everything was better when he didnt have shit load of money

  • Matt

    Spitta never changed. that's why he still the illest

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Fuck Happen To This Man.... Old Wiz Would of Demolished This Shit. This Nigga Sound Like He Made This Shit On A I-phone Voice Recorder