• Billy Kincaid

    If you cut Infamy down to 12 tracks, it ain't so bad. Not on the level of the first 3 albums, but still a solid 4 out of 5.

  • 2dope4nope

    Damn I remember this being fucking young watching rap city tha basement, damn the old days even watching kurupt and daz ride wit us video and other near summer time videos but yeah this get away vid too dope!

  • NasGOAT

    thank u for clearing that up. people always thought i was crazy back then for stating that.

  • Randy_G

    gotta say tho - Nothing Like Home the best song on Infamy IMO... never could recognize P after Murda Muzik, Hav on the other hand definetley really stepped his game up..

  • Lou Velazquez

    i agree prodigy was better on the infamous ,hell on earth h.n.i.c. one and murda muzik but this is the album were havoc elevated himself as the better mc

  • j4ipod94

    new album bangs

  • Grant Hargett

    This track was nutz!!! Classic. That album was Weaksauce!

    Career wise, Prodigy flow and delivery stay waaayyy more impactful, seems more unique, artsy street shit like on some "Ill box cutter fight, where no one backs down" (P All day!!!). Hav always seem like he has to try to hard to be effective. In my opinion, the new album is cool. P definitely was taking the Lazy route but, he still got that grimy straight forward art shit. I always felt like Hav was a nice sidekick type and his beats created the sound for them. Prodigy went waaayyy harder on P=Mc2. He must be bored wit the M-O-B-B