50 Cent Thanks Eminem, Calls Him His Favorite

blame it on JES7 April 6, 2014

Despite 50’s recent moves into independence after leaving Aftermath/Interscope, the Jamaica, Queens emcee still wants the world to know he has mad love for Em. Last night, he posted the image below on Instagram with the following caption:

I traveled a lot of places. Met a lot of people but EM is my favorite. He gave me my shot man. That’s all I needed I ran with it#smsaudio

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about former Interscope president Steve Stoute, who had a few words about 50 and his departure, and eventually a run in with the man himself during a Warriors/Knicks game back at the top of March. Speaking of Em, check this link about Spike Lee down in Detroit in support of Em shooting the video for “Headlights.


  • wat

    Man, NO ONE was fucking with Em and 50 back in the day.

    • Azim Esmail

      No one was fucking with Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit back in the day when everything was good between 50 and Game.

      • wat

        They were the unfuckwithable bullies of hiphop. Poor Ja Rule

        • Pac back

          It’s crazy because in high school he was the man homie!

          • wat

            Damn homie…

    • Stevie Janowski

      hip hop needs the bullies back, too many bitches in the game now

      • Jeremy




    • 1LWil

      50 on that new shit, niggas like “How Come”,
      Niggas want his old shit, buy his old albums,”

  • Skeeno

    It’ll mean a lot if you checked out this visual #ct #thevoyagers

  • Ohms

    fiddy knows…#WhiteIsRight

  • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

    I thought it said 50 Cent made love hahahaa