DJ Mustard Unveils Original “Sanctified” Instrumental

blame it on Meka April 7, 2014

Continuing his sitdown with Hard Knock TV, Mustard talks about his mega-collab with Rick Ross, Kanye West, Big Sean and Mike Dean and actually plays the beat in its original form before Kanye tinkered with it. He also speaks on his future plans – which include Jay Electronica, J. Cole, and Jigga – as well.

  • Mitch

    10-20 beats a day? Good for him, but that explains why they all sound the same…

  • RealWorldSteve

    For the sake of his own future…I hope that “re-invention” comes soon…I’d love to hear his “ear for music” at work beyond what he’s produced thus far…surprise me…please, bro…it would be refreshing to know you’re not full of shit

    • Kim

      Here’s the thing though, I’m with you and the next avid rap listener when they say his music all sounds the same. But on that same token, no one complained 20 years ago when mannie fresh essentially GAVE the hot boys, and cmb their sound. I think their has to be credit given where its due, that mannie fresh sound is still payed homage and often replicated to this day. And so be it if it’s a regional sound, as the interview said he’s single handedly creating a sound (albeit mainstream) for an entire region, that’s awesome imo.



  • Like.A

    I’m glad Ye took the beat and basically slapped this man with it lol. The final product is definitely of a much higher quality. Thank u yeezy lmao

  • cam

    Man y’all just be hatin on DJ Mustard. I’m sure every producer has beats that sound similar, but it’s not his fault that those are the ones y’all hear from him. When artist hear a producer on a song they go for him for that sound. We’ve seen it wit for years!! &Most recently with Lex Luger. Now search up some of Luger’s production lately &They sound different. It’s not always the producers fault. Artists need to quit bein so trendy!

  • Ohms

    I don’t see mustard’s production progressing. he’s just gonna fade away…fade away…faaade awaaay

  • Ohms

    he looks like that bulldogg from Tom & Jerry hahahahaha!!!