Nicki Minaj – Chi-Raq f. Lil Herb (prod. Boi-1da, Vinylz & Allen Ritter)

blame it on Meka April 8, 2014

Onika heads to the Midwest and connects with the young upstart on this new cut. Nicki also promises to drop new “tricks” in the near future until her album drops…

  • Holiday Kirk

    Yeah I did not see this coming.

  • thatrandomguy


  • Mike Gaines

    This shit fye!

  • Hood Oracle

    finally doing some hard raps there huh? okay

  • Your Best Friend

    I fuck with this, surprisingly.

  • Jorgefacekillah

    My ONLY beef with this. Being from chicago, the name title is really offensive. C’mon man. It’s things like this that got people thinking EVERY artist from chicago is from “Chiraq”. Noisey made this shit worse with that horrible “Documentary”, and out of towners think it’s sweet to call us Chiraq. This shit not cool.

    Young people die in our city, and the name “chiraq” keeps the negative connotation over us. It doesn’t make it any better, nor bring a positive solution to the violence. Ask Chance the Rapper, Add-2, Vic mensa, Noname Gypsy, mick jenkins, and others if they claim chiraq. they’ll say hell no, I’m from CHICAGO. like nicki for this song, but not for the name. Naw g, just naw.

    • DG

      I agree with your comment 100%.

    • SpeakingHarshTruth

      Hold on…’re “only” beef is with the word Chiraq?

      Not the constant nonchalant murder references? Just from this one song there are so many horrible lines, and what’s worse is he’s BRAGGING about this shit:

      – “Leave his loved ones traumatized”

      – “Letting niggas have it man we pulling up anywhere wetting shit man.”

      – *Names 15 different guns he has*

      GTFOH. You should be disowning these coon ass rappers as well as the name Chiraq. Stop putting these “rappers” on and supporting them.

      If anything it’s an insult to Iraq to be compared to Chicago, not the other way around!

    • Mike Gaines

      Chicago is a war zone across the whole city and it’s been that way before the “war” in Iraq. It’s not a label to be proud of but it is what it is. We talking about the gang bang capitol here. You’re fine with the music you hearing but take offense to the title? I’m from Chicago and I view the label Chiraq as a cry for attention to show the World what we go through here and that we shouldn’t be fighting wars in other countries when we can’t control our own streets.

  • chiefrock

    i keep telling everyone that nicki gasses but no one believes me

  • MusicHead


  • malcyvelli

    Can’t fuck with this

  • factsonly

    This is wack I mean I see what she tried to do and Lil Herb is dope but cmon Nicki what the hell do u know about Chicago, U done stole these niggas flows and glorified what goes in that city just to make it seem like u real.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    This would be like Gucci Mane having a song called New York Gangsters

  • I hate this black anime character-lookin’ bitch just as much as the next person with they chromosomal makeup being XY(for my smart niggas).


    I’d be lyin’ on my headnods If I said that this shit ain’t knockin’.

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    Took 3 producers to make this? Lol

  • StudentOfTheGame

    I’m from Chicago. I personally dont like calling where im from Chiraq. But in RAP, its bragging rights. Brooklyn = Crooklyn, Eminem called Detroit Amityville. When gangsta rappers from LA come out, they dont say LA exactly. They say Compton, Bompton, LBC. Its just repping where they’re from, even if its the most unsafe place you can think of in america. Its just that Chicago has the badge right now for the gang violence and thats fucked up and all, but its rap, and thats what the young gs call it. so Chiraq sticks because of how fucked up things have been here the pass few years.

    • StudentOfTheGame

      the song go hard tho. but i sucks knowing someone in my city might die to this shit this summer. Nicki didnt do no good for chicago with this song.

      • Mike Gaines

        Somebody in the World is gonna die listening to Patti LaBelle tonight!

  • Ghost Robot

    Pusha flow

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    Why she come at Malcolm X’s daughter? I didn’t like this bitch before but now I want to see this hoe get fucked up. You were disrespectful for using the mans likeness in an ignorant ass song then when his daughter says something to you so that you don’t tarnish his legacy you talk shit in a song after apologizing? These industry puppets are fucking WACK, Herb killed this but Nicki dick ridin a wave from a city she don’t even have roots in smh..

  • Yongjefferson

    She went in!

  • Thank Me

    Herbo/Bibby > Then Chief keef and his crew

  • Beef Wellington

    You should dislike it because SHES NOT EVEN FROM CHICAGO! Someone speaking on something that they have no ties to is ignorant. Disrespectful af! Im from San Diego, if a nigga from Florida started rappin about daygo and shit like that, id be hella offended


    Y’all niggas can’t be serious man. I’m not the biggest Nicki fan either but when she use real rap flows(like she bit Herb flow on this) she bodies most of these niggas y’all be on here dick riding bruh rns. Fuck your rap political opinion this was another big look for Herbo to help his career move on from that “Chi-Raq” shit y’all seem to be so sensitive about.



  • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

    I think rappers have become to fixated on murder and violence and forgot what good music actually is, I think it separates the real artists from the others who just talk shit on a dope beat to sell records…