• guc

    April 29th that seems to soon for a debut album on Interscope Records. most people have no idea who he is or anything about him.

    • wat

      Exactly. An entire major label debut with NO promotion? Come on now.

      • Julian T. Wyllie

        I agree...this seems like he is set up for commercial failure...unless they plan on getting the music out first and then promoting HEAVY after...that's beyond risky.

        • wat

          VERY risky. Even the J. Cole cosign won't help. Bas hasn't made a name for himself yet at all yet. What is Interscope thinking?

          • chanceadlib

            Pretty sure they're not counting it as the major label debut. It's not even being distributed, it's on itunes. This is a TDE itunes mixtape type deal

          • wat

            Eh since it's an album released by Interscope Records - his first album - I'd consider it a major label debut.

          • MattSavage

            Not an album, Ibz (Dreamville president) tweeted months back that they regretted not capitalizing off mixtapes like FNL. So it's still a mixtape but they decided to make a lil change off of it

          • Julian T. Wyllie

            The album is in Best Buy.

  • Adi Pre

    Man I'm really looking forward to this Last Winter album, been a fan of Bas for a minute now, dude is nice on the mic and beat choice is always on point.

  • wat

    He's nice but this album clearly won't sell well at all considering he's a relative nobody.

    P.S. he really named a song "Nigga On The Dos Equis, The Most Interesting Man In The World" lmao

  • Thank Me

    I didn't realize he put out a video to "Lit" last year. While he certainly doesn't seem to have label promotion, this debut should be measured by its content rather than sales. Looking forward to it nonetheless...

    • wat

      The point is that it won't reach anyone thus the content would be overlooked.

      • Bil AL

        if its good it will reach people. i rather it be good with no marketing than it be shit with all sorts of promotion like most rappers do. if its good it people will find it.

        • wat

          Then why are so many great rappers "stuck" underground?

          • Bil AL

            because for them its about the art more than the money. and not every rapper is made for the mainstream listeners.

          • wat

            By underground, I meant not being heard, not the opposite of mainstream.

  • Gras Aap


  • Stevie Janowski

    This guy is actually really dope but this won't do well as a commercial release