• rickoshay

    Clicks dope

    • Statethefacts

      i miss this feature

  • Thank Me

    Even this kid's unmastered freebies sound dope

  • Ed Holiday

    This is deff not new. Sounds like #10Day

    • Jorgefacekillah

      Was definitely an unreleased record he did back in 2011-2012 in the midst of recording 10day.

  • Dave

    Chance is the future

  • Adi Pre

    Nice Chance.

  • Pizza Steve

    Very dope!

  • BoRed

    Yeah he really is a good writer.. he's got that unmatched creativity with the pen, and his delivery is a whole different story. He's got the juice, if you will

  • YeDaTruth

    Was ready to shit on this after his last leak, but....this was great

  • Gras Aap


  • Djmanny2k

    He is improving... I can actually vibe to this. Keep Going

  • https://soundcloud.com/pyramidperiod Pyramid Period

    Remix to #DraftDay Keep ur eyes & ears glued and stay tuned for new mixtape entitled "3" #LA https://soundcloud.com/pyramidperiod/draft-day-pyramid-period

  • wealthistheword

    that first line man.... that first line.