Flatbush ZOMBiES - Red Light, Green Light


Fresh off rocking Coachella (where Outkast will reunite later tonight), Flatbush ZOMBiES provide fans with some new music. Check out The Architect-produced "Red Light, Green Light" below.

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  • Nice!!

  • Crystalweed

    amazing as always

  • Megazord91

    Erick been killing shit since better off dead, Meech got one of the coldest flows

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      yup. still waiting on a song that'll showcase what Juice actually brings to this group. I feel like he'd make a better hypeman

      • fonzo517

        imo Erick seem like the dude who don't really fit in with the group. his beats are dope and he can rap but he seem out of place on a lot of songs

        • Siike_ass

          true but with out him most of us problaby wouldn't have heard of Flatbush Zombies

  • Trizzy

    Damn this shit is MYSTICAL.

    It's crazy that I didn't even like the Zombies when DRUGS came out but now... Progression


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