2Pac – Old School (Cookin Soul Remix)

blame it on JES7 April 12, 2014

Cookin Soul adds some flavor to 2Pac’s “Old School” off his 1995 album, Me Against the World, completely stripping the original and reconstructing it inna Cookin Soul style, all the while keeping the Grand Puba chorus intact. Pac’s third studio album will turn 20 years old next March. It’s crazy to see all of these classic albums celebrating 15+ years, all the while standing the test of time, and still sounding as fresh as they did when we first listened to them.

  • Rob_Watts


  • Fimz

    Maaan, was just listening to Me Against the World just now. DOPE!

  • Seif

    One of the top track off the album. Dope mix. RIP Pac.

  • Goldberg brain

    Dope as Fuck!


  • modice

    The original of this along with “If I Die Tonight” & “Dear Mama” are my favorite songs on “Me Against The World”

  • Deejhay Daz-One

    And another one

  • YouAintGotTheAnswers!

    Insanely dope, people forget how dope cookin’ soul are sometimes i swear

  • Stevie Janowski

    Me Against The World was a great album

  • Sw15h

    Greatest Pac album of all time. Including greatest hits cus half that shit shouldn’t even be on there.

  • padawan_killah

    *obligatory* damn i miss pac… slight bias but this is my favorite cooknsoul remix yet.

    crazy how pac was talking about the OLD SCHOOL in 95… if (insert new artist) did a song like this, and did shoutouts to the late 90s/2000s as the “old school”, who knows what the response would be… i think hella mcs would catch feelins. then again, someone remind me… what was the response to this track when it originally dropped? (i was 7)

  • FixpenHill

    So dope!! Cookin’ Soul had also made beat for french rapper listen to Deen Burbigo – Roule this is smooth as fuck (sorry for my english i’m french)