• Rob_Watts


  • Fimz

    Maaan, was just listening to Me Against the World just now. DOPE!

  • Seif

    One of the top track off the album. Dope mix. RIP Pac.

  • Goldberg brain

    Dope as Fuck!


  • modice

    The original of this along with "If I Die Tonight" & "Dear Mama" are my favorite songs on "Me Against The World"

  • Deejhay Daz-One

    And another one

  • YouAintGotTheAnswers!

    Insanely dope, people forget how dope cookin' soul are sometimes i swear

  • Stevie Janowski

    Me Against The World was a great album

  • Sw15h

    Greatest Pac album of all time. Including greatest hits cus half that shit shouldn't even be on there.

  • padawan_killah

    *obligatory* damn i miss pac... slight bias but this is my favorite cooknsoul remix yet.

    crazy how pac was talking about the OLD SCHOOL in 95... if (insert new artist) did a song like this, and did shoutouts to the late 90s/2000s as the "old school", who knows what the response would be... i think hella mcs would catch feelins. then again, someone remind me... what was the response to this track when it originally dropped? (i was 7)

  • FixpenHill

    So dope!! Cookin' Soul had also made beat for french rapper listen to Deen Burbigo - Roule this is smooth as fuck (sorry for my english i'm french)