Mac Miller Debuts New Songs, Announces New Mixtape Release Date

blame it on JES7 April 12, 2014

During his performance at the Carnegie Mellon University 2014 Spring Carnival concert in his hometown of Pittsburgh last night, Mac Miller debuted a few brand new tracks for the young audience, as well as announcing that he has a new mixtape dropping. Mac has his eyes set on Mother’s Day release, which would be May 11th this year.

Via RR.

  • AndOneill

    First time in my life I can say I’m lookin forward to a mac miller project! He been on his hiphop shit the past year,

    • Before that too tho, Macadelic was a dope ass project. A lot of people just didn’t give him a fair shot until he started associating himself with their favorite rappers.

      • AndOneill

        Well just for me tho I tried to listen a few years back with k.i.d.s and wasn’t feelin it, just think he was targeting a different audience, it was never hiphop shit! He made kinda korny shit Imo, but once he got the fanbase I think he knew he could run independent so he started Makin that heat, it was nothin to do with him been associated with certain people for me anyways! His production is nice aswell

        • MusicHead

          Bullshit don’t give me that wack shit.. Homie was always dope. People especially blog fucks didn’t acknowledge him til he started aligning himself with OF, Earl, Q and other favs. KIDS was dope as fuck front to back, Best Day Ever was ehh coo, bounced back with Macadelic ALL FIRE..not maybe consistent as KIDS but fire. Only wack shit homie ever made was Blue Slide Park, his 1st album and that’s real. As long as he be around y’all biased favored artist y’all love y’all will say he dope smh he can make wack shit but since he’s been around the ppl who not even all that dope musically but y’all love to show love to y’all gon say it’s dope & this new Mac hard. FOH. Excuse my rant I just hater he internet predictable ass fake opinions. From all the music blogs to twitter and everything, I wear y’all backwards and just follow opinion trends instead of speaking the dead truth.

          • Mez D

            shutup nigga his music is different.
            I thought he was okay before but only cared to listen to a couple songs but his recent shit plus his production are dope

  • Ace Hood’s Rollie
  • Dave

    Mac is one of the best rappers

  • OJ Bills

    king krule all day!

    • wale onas

      fucking dope bro king krule is the man

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      That dude needs to speak english first, him and Keef speaking some Hobbit language and shit.