Chance the Rapper Brings Justin Bieber Out At Coachella

During his set at Coachella, Chance the Rapper brought Justin Bieber out on stage for a surprise performance of their collaborative single, "Confident."

Spotted at Miss Info.

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  • Thank Me

    All those camera phones and this is the best one posted to youtube?

    • Danny

      Everyone is probably on way too many hallucinogens to have any idea how to post a video to YouTube right now

      • shake


  • Carter North




  • malcyvelli

    I have no idea wtf is going on in any of those clips, the set was looking all sorts if crazy, I couldn't tell what song was being performed or what

    • Jorgefacekillah

      First they did the hook and chance verse from Confident, then chance blended his verse from "Life Round Here", and his chorus from "You Song"

  • leutrim

    Am I the only one who's scared that Bieber will corrupt Chance?

  • factsonly

    both these niggas kinda corny

  • Trap

    corny primates

  • NoNameNeeded

    i wish people would just stop supporting beiber's fuckery. like, you're a little canadian prick teeny bob sensation - don't come out trying to look like school boy q. stay in your late. dude thinks he's from compton or some shit...


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