Chance the Rapper Brings Justin Bieber Out At Coachella

blame it on JES7 April 13, 2014

During his set at Coachella, Chance the Rapper brought Justin Bieber out on stage for a surprise performance of their collaborative single, “Confident.”

Spotted at Miss Info.

  • Thank Me

    All those camera phones and this is the best one posted to youtube?

    • Danny

      Everyone is probably on way too many hallucinogens to have any idea how to post a video to YouTube right now

      • shake


  • Carter North




  • malcyvelli

    I have no idea wtf is going on in any of those clips, the set was looking all sorts if crazy, I couldn’t tell what song was being performed or what

    • Jorgefacekillah

      First they did the hook and chance verse from Confident, then chance blended his verse from “Life Round Here”, and his chorus from “You Song”

  • leutrim

    Am I the only one who’s scared that Bieber will corrupt Chance?

  • factsonly

    both these niggas kinda corny

  • Trap

    corny primates

  • NoNameNeeded

    i wish people would just stop supporting beiber’s fuckery. like, you’re a little canadian prick teeny bob sensation – don’t come out trying to look like school boy q. stay in your late. dude thinks he’s from compton or some shit…