50 Cent – Hustler (prod. Jake One)

blame it on Shake April 14, 2014

As we continue to approach the June 1st release date of his Animal Ambition LP, 50 Cent releases the Jake One-produced “Hustler.” Take a listen to a radio rip, courtesy of DJ Enuff below, and pick up the single on iTunes at midnight.

  • CoryJamez

    My favorite track off the album so far

    • Goldberg brain

      Are you kidding me LOL!!! This shit is mediocre, it’s finally dawned on me you guys on here are totally bias when it comes to this man smh

      50 is in my top 5 greatest Emcee’s dead or alive but the shit he’s been putting out lately have been garbage

      • who cares

        You do realize he said “my favorite track off the album so far” and not “my favorite 50 track ever” right? Compared to some of the other leaks this really isn’t bad. Is it classic 50? Hell no, but I’ll take this over “Don’t Worry Bout It” “Smoke” and “Pilot.”

  • DOPE!! Sounds like the old 50!! Nice!!

  • Motion Fiction Media

    Jake One just needs to produce this whole album.

  • doNNy

    fucking dj WTF, but the track sounds dope, cant lie 50’s on a roll.

  • Crystalweed

    leak all songs to the album’s release

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Your Blog Title says Husler

  • Moonie


  • Motion Picture Gangsa Shit

    this is hot as fuck

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    This is the 1st track ive actually liked out of all the leaks for AA. This album will more than likely be trash….

  • Lorant Mena

    “Stack paper like I’m trying to fix the national debt” “50 on that Muammar Gaddafi shit” dope bars from fif

  • It’s alright. 50’s still my dude and Jake One is criminally slept on IMO but i liked the other joints better. I think he’s on the right track messing with Jake One, The Audible Doctor etc. But I still want him to lay off them melodic hooks and get back into 1999 to 2003 fif mode.

    • _AudiiO

      melodies and hooks were his specialty, you must not know 50 very well..

      • We all have a certain 50 we like. Yeah he always had the melodic hooks but at some point he went overboard with them. I’m from the days when every song from a rapper didn’t have a hook sung by the rapper or some female/male singer. It would be nice to get back to that at least a lil bit by a rapper like 50 cuz he def has skills. My personal opinion.

  • Bil AL

    this is dope!

  • Bil AL

    you mudafukas never happy with anything. you guys expect a classic for every song that drops on this site.

  • Vegeta

    This is dope! Ppl never satisfied tho. Also ppl need to release animal ambition was initially a mixtape, but since he’s gone independent he decided to market it and make some money off it, that way he creates a buzz and a larger budget for the album he been working on since 09 “Street King Immortal” and I guarantee after that drops ppl Gana b on his dick again

    • I agree with you on that one dude. My only gripe is he’s doing that old beef thing with people before he drops a project. I hate when he does that. I know that’s his thing but he should chill out and just let the music speak.

      • Vegeta

        Yeah I defo agree, that shit is played out.Who is he beefing with now tho?

        • Seems like he’s taking lil shots at his own crew. And he started with Puff during the first wave of singles for AA

          • Vegeta

            Oh right yhyh.. I dnt think he’s taking shots at his own crew, but more like explaining what’s goin on between them, cus everybody can tell they not cool like they used to b and he’s always getting asked bout the unit in interviews

  • Pizza Steve

    Dam, 50 really been on a roll!

  • Rodmatic

    ayy this nice!

  • WebbiedaBozz

    niggas think 50 can’t spit

  • LaSean

    I like this. This is dope.

  • youtubemp3s

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