• Mez D

    this is dope

  • Carter North



    all star cast on this but kdot coulda done without the shouting, he dont fit with the rest of the track at all

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      nope and I actually think Alicia Keys should've just went solo on this. Like Kendrick didn't really add anything to the track.

      • Dawkinslotto

        Damn you whack as hell

      • sam30317

        Thats what they just said...

  • illsupra

    kind of a let down...

  • ThatNigga

    this song is just terrible. Why the fuck would spidermayne think to himself "i bet they wonder hooooow oww oww i go on". Spidermayne doesnt sing to himself while getting in the zone about to fuck des hoes up...cmon nigga..