The Roots – …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin (Album Artwork)

blame it on Illy April 14, 2014

After premiering their new single “When the People Cheer,” The Roots reveal the cover to their comeback album, …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, out May 20.

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    The Roots never disappoint.

  • who cares

    Ehh. Not the prettiest cover in the world, but I’m more interested in the music anyway.

  • Justin Blantey

    I like the album cover. More creative than How I Got Over

  • nyc22

    Comeback album?

    Undun was in-cre-d-i-b-l-e.

    • Agreed.. I guess it’s because it came out in 2011 which is basically like a decade ago for this short attention span having ass generation lol

  • Dee Jay

    Cover looks weird as shit, but I’m sure the music won’t disappoint.

  • ATK

    Album cover could have been a strand of ?uestloves hair on a white backdrop…album still would be dope

  • Will

    Definitely buying this. Every time The Roots record music, it’s a masterpiece.