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MICK Presents Greetings Earthling: Outkast Rarities & Remixes (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake April 15, 2014

Artwork by Deftone of Jolly Awesome.

In honor of their Coachella reunion, Mick Boogie MICK put together this Greetings Earthling mix. Nearly two-hours of Outkast rarities, demos, collaborations and remixes.

Nothing else needs to be said really, so click play and witness the GOAT hip hop duo (yeah… I said it) do their thing...

01 Greetings Earthling Intro
02 Royal Flush f. Raekwon
03 Everlasting
04 Sole Sunday f. Goodie Mob
05 Throw Your Hands Up f. 8ball
06 Watch For The Hook f. Cool Breeze
07 Black Ice f. Goodie Mob
08 I Can’t Wait f. Sleepy Brown
09 High Schoolin’
10 Neck Uv Da Woods
11 Funkin’ Around
12 Tough Guy f. UGK
13 In Due Time f. Cee-Lo Green
14 Thought Process f. Goodie Mob
15 Benz or Beamer
16 Rats and Roaches (Demo Mix)
17 Phobia
18 Dirty South f. Goodie Mob
19 Da Art Of Storytellin’ pt.4
20 Millionaire (Baptiste Montigy Remix)
21 Smokefest
22 Hollywood Divorce f. Lil Wayne
23 Southernplayalistic (Diamond D Remix)
24 Sorry
25 What A Job f. Devin The Dude
26 The Mighty O
27 Street Talkin’ f. Slick Rick
28 Da Art Of Storytellin’ (rmx) f. Slick Rick
29 In Da Wind f. Cee-Lo Green & Trick Daddy
30 Lookin’ For Ya f. Sleepy Brown
31 International Players Anthem f. UGK
32 Deuces
33 Pink Matter f. Frank Ocean
34 Dez Only 1 f. Witchdoctor

Dope right!? Shouts to NahRight on the premiere. Download your copy here.

  • mtid3s

    hell yeah

  • Cool.Is.Common.

    Reminds me of that “Andre Benjamin Is…” Mixtape y’all let us have in 2010. That joint ultra long too. Good stuff though…got right to the point.

    • MahHest

      most of that tape was album joints, there’s actually songs on here I havent heard of…n Outkast been my favorite of any type of music forever, i cant wait to get into this lol

  • xastey

    This is smooth, good drop

  • crackpot87

    there was a Diamond D remix Southernplayalistic!!?? My nigga!!

  • SoSoDef

    Someone should do a Outkast/ Badu tape like Yasiin Gaye. That would be so ill

    • The idea is in the right vein but Badu?

      • MahHest

        IMO Amy Winehouse…i think her voice would sound dope wit Andre’s

        • I’d rather Amy than Badu. After Badu’s first album, I lost it for her and all that squeaking of her voice. Matter of fact, I was sick of it during her first album but it still had some good songs. Amy’s voice is more fuller and not too gimmicky. Plus I think Badu has voodoo on people or something. Nice butt tho. Lol

          • MahHest

            yeah Baduizm was dope af, i could never really get into anything else tho. But someone with a real unconventional sound like Amy Winehouse or even like Nina Simone would sound good mixed with Outkasts extremely unconventional sound

  • Ohms

    fuck yesss!!!

  • All I’m sayin…

  • Maurice Baker

    I would buy this… #DF

  • MahHest

    ohhhhhhh shit