• mtid3s

    hell yeah

  • Cool.Is.Common.

    Reminds me of that "Andre Benjamin Is..." Mixtape y'all let us have in 2010. That joint ultra long too. Good stuff though...got right to the point.

    • MahHest

      most of that tape was album joints, there's actually songs on here I havent heard of...n Outkast been my favorite of any type of music forever, i cant wait to get into this lol

  • xastey

    This is smooth, good drop

  • crackpot87

    there was a Diamond D remix Southernplayalistic!!?? My nigga!!

  • SoSoDef

    Someone should do a Outkast/ Badu tape like Yasiin Gaye. That would be so ill

    • http://tonymoreaux781.bandcamp.com/album/had-you-at-hello-ep malmoeone3

      The idea is in the right vein but Badu?

      • MahHest

        IMO Amy Winehouse...i think her voice would sound dope wit Andre's

        • http://tonymoreaux781.bandcamp.com/album/had-you-at-hello-ep malmoeone3

          I'd rather Amy than Badu. After Badu's first album, I lost it for her and all that squeaking of her voice. Matter of fact, I was sick of it during her first album but it still had some good songs. Amy's voice is more fuller and not too gimmicky. Plus I think Badu has voodoo on people or something. Nice butt tho. Lol

          • MahHest

            yeah Baduizm was dope af, i could never really get into anything else tho. But someone with a real unconventional sound like Amy Winehouse or even like Nina Simone would sound good mixed with Outkasts extremely unconventional sound

  • Ohms

    fuck yesss!!!

  • http://wwwfacebook.com/shadowsamuraithesupremeking Adam Miller

    All I'm sayin...

  • Maurice Baker

    I would buy this... #DF

  • MahHest

    ohhhhhhh shit