• Rick Grimey

    "I came in this game wanting more paper than Puff, but now I realize Puff paper ain't enough."

    It's been a long time Shawn and you still ain't caught up... Dre passed you.. Maybe it's time to tell the truth in your bars

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      lol what song is this verse from. yea puff should hit a billion in about 5 years.

      • wikig1itch

        He was pushing $550 mill just last year and now he sitting at $700 so I'm guessing he'll hit a billion in 3 years at the most

  • Cam TexasBoy Perry

    wasn't fif worth way more than this?


      That's what i thought

    • MikeTruth

      He played around & lost a lot of it.

  • Seif

    I'd be happy with a million tho. smh

  • Hood Oracle

    I could give a shit about how many millions diddy and hov wipe they ass with
    what does that got to do with the culture?
    what does that got to do with hip hop music?
    none of these dudes ain't blessing my pockets why should I gawk at there bank accounts?

    • wikig1itch

      Then don't click on the link brah, simple as that.
      You still made the effort to scroll down and drop a nonsensical comment though...

  • ATK

    What else does Birdman do or is that completely off music from Cash Money and Young money? Seems he is the only one not really doing other ventures.

    • hong




  • Arun Gopal

    What about Master P? He is reportedly worth 350 million.