• Mt

    Nobody asked for this bullshit.

    • Paul Thompson

      We're psychic, you're welcome

    • BoRed

      Why is this the top comment?? I hate to see Wayne disrespected like this.. and I'm no stan. I do, however, respect the work he put in, the name he made for himself as a product of his work, and the contributions he made to the genre. And I think anybody that comes to this site for the reasons that I do would agree.. So why does the majority seem to agree with the dismissive ignorance that Mt puts out? Not only was much of his material classic, but so was his disposition and approach to the game. He may be "burnt out" now, but he shined brighter than most. Aghh fuckit.. I'll put my head down now.

      • Mt

        Not talking about Wayne, but this bullshit content.

        • BoRed

          'Content' as in the music in the tracklist or the article that these people worked so hard to put together? To be fair, there is a lot of stuff on this site that "nobody asks for", and it should be common practice to ignore that which does not interest you.. yet here you are. Divert your attention instead of directing your negativity

          • Mt

            It's my honest opinion bro. If anything, this article is disrespectful to Wayne and his camp; carter III was great as it was. There's nothing to gain from this but opinions of people who have never A&R'ed a successful project and links to songs that have been out for years.

    • BuckDat

      This is a great introduction to the Mixtape Era Wayne. It seemed like there was a new mixtape from him every month. If you are too young to be a part of that it would be almost impossible to wade through all the music he compiled in those 3 years. This is a great list and I like the idea behind it.
      I personally was extremely dissapointed by The Carter III. I was expecting to hear something similar to Carter II (which in my opinion is one of the classic hip-hop albums of all time, and by far Lil Waynes best), or some of the vicious bars he was spitting on Drought 3/Dedication 2, but instead it was a bunch of bubble gum bullshit. You could tell that too many people had their hands on it, and it was clearly watered down in order to sell a million in the first week. @Mt, stop being so salty that Lil Wayne was one of the illest in the mid 2000's and enjoy the quality music he put out before burning out.

  • Davide Leroy

    Wanye was on a hell of a run 2005 - 2011

    • PV


  • http://TheMaskedGorilla.com chance

    No 3 Peat = Opinion irrelevant.

    • http://danielseventwo.com/ D72

      was just thinkin the same shit!! and where the fuck is "shoot me down". still a great article, would like to see more stuff of this nature

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Man every Wayne Fan knows that "Im Me" was supposed to be the intro to C3, keep that "3 Peat" shit to yourself.

  • xastey

    Can we get a youtube playlist for the lazy?


    something you forgot, and possibly let's talk it over. great list other than that

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      Something You Forgot was the glaring omission for me as well.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Something You Forgot was the fucking jam

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/devlinralph/ Devlin Ralph

    I appreciate the thought put into this. Great bit of writing from the 2DBZ and friends.

  • tRuthz

    Amen (Cry Out) and Pray To The Lord might be the two best songs from his in between Carters period if you ask me.

  • marty mcfly


  • CRsheehan

    UMG Executive: "Hey blogs, it's Weezy Wednesday, do something."

    • shake

      You live in a very delusional world, my friend.

  • nyc22

    Gotta add "Something You Forgot". Other than that, this is fantastic. Was really, really into Wayne around 2007(Leak EP, all The Drought Is Over 2).

  • Breezy

    dope list - I might include mr carter, shoot me down, and lollipop remix. i'd also gut about half of like father like son and include shit like army guns on there.

  • thatboyshortt318

    Something You Forgot

  • Desmond dez Morris

    I like this list. This would have been an instant classic. Only song that's missing is "Did it Before" produce by Kanye.

    • Paul Thompson

      I've always loved that beat. Wayne was a bit too lazy on it.

      • nyc22

        Very lazy on that track, but the sample is on point!

  • Dat nigga

    Nah. Stick to blogging. Executive producing? Nah. Here's Tha Carter III

    I'm Me
    Mr. Carter
    Shoot Me Down
    You Ain't Got Nothing
    Lollipop remix
    Mrs. Officer
    Prostitute Flange
    Dr. Carter
    Let The Beat Build
    Tie My Hands

    This reminds you why lil Wayne is a legend, fuck the hate. That along with the drought mixtapes and the dedication.

    And for all the drake stans, ya boy came out already and bombed with trey songz on replacement girl. Wasn't nobody checking for drake till he stood nxt to Wayne.

    Just amending rap history.

    • Paul Thompson

      Is there anyone who doubts Wayne's importance to Drake's rise?

      • Dat nigga

        Drake for one. Then the stans follow..

        • Paul Thompson

          I don't know if I've ever got that impression, dude. I'm not really a Drake fan, but he makes it a point to credit Wayne over and over.

          • Dat nigga

            Nah. Drake is un loyal solider. Nigga gave em one old ass song for the YM album, but stay dropping singles on the low lol. He's focused on the brand drake, not cash money. He'll branch off and leave once he gets big enough smh. Wayne don't get enough credit for holding down cash money. They in they 3rd dynasty with drake, nicki, and Wayne still going.

  • leutrim

    We're all going to have a song or two we think should be added to this list (3 Peat, Mr. Carter for me) but they did a good job of compiling the standout tracks from 2006-08 (and let's be honest, there were a fuckton) and combined their selections with good writing and a throwback narrative.

    • shake

      Appreciate the feedback.


    2DBZ has never given Wayne his proper respect. Carter II and III are both classics as-is and C3 could've been released as a triple-disk it had so many quality records. And C2 is right there with Fishscale and HHNF

    • who cares

      I'll give you CII, but CIII had way too many filler songs that ruined the flow of the album. 2dopeboyz doesn't give Wayne much shine anymore because the general consensus is that dude doesn't make quality music anymore.


        They never truly did even when he was on his run. And obviously I disagree about C3. I get that most of the visitors on this particular blog frown upon poppier songs, but I thought Wayne did them all justice and made them more than just label fodder like this writer would make you believe. Agree to disagree

        • who cares

          2DBZ wasn't around during the time of his run, though. C2 came out in 2005 and C3 in 2008. Those were his strongest years. In the archive, their earliest stuff is late 2007, so they kind of missed majority of that time period. He started rapidly declining after CIII, which saw the release of the Young Money album and Rebirth, so it makes sense why they weren't really praising him. Most people weren't taking him serious anymore at that point.

          • Mez D

            And actually I remember 2dbz showing Wayne love in like 2008. Back when it felt like he was just going through a bad phase and had the potential to be good again.

  • who cares

    I'm going to have to read this later, and since I can't remember all of those songs off the top of my head, I can't comment too much on the tracklist. If I may, though, it should be a crime to have left out "Shoot Me Down" and "Playin' With Fire." I'm glad you left out the pop songs, though ("Lollipop" and "Mrs. Officer"). I might have to re-visit the album and then make a playlist so I can listen to this version.

    Edit: I just noticed he left out "3 Peat" as well... wow.

  • ThatGuyNamedGuy

    Lil Wayne would of had 4 Classic Albums if the Original Carter III didn't leak. He was on fire those years man. I wish we could get just a lil bit of that Lil Wayne in Tha Carter 5. O yeah "Something You Forgot" should be on this list. I

    • biff tannen

      4 classics?!?!

      • ThatGuyNamedGuy

        Yea The Carter I, II, III and the real Carter III would of been The Carter 4

        • biff tannen


        • Starks


  • death

    Where's the download link?

  • Ed Holiday

    Best think I've seen on 2DBZ in a minute. Very Nostalgic

  • Korey Parker

    hmmm I felt Playing With Fire and Misunderstood shoulda stayed on there

  • Yeezus

    I know by myself wasn't released before Carter 3 but we know it was likely recorded before then. That should be one here.

  • Mez D

    Like people have said, Something You Forgot is in my top 3 Wayne songs of all time and definitely should be on here.

    And this post is awesome growing up in middle/high school Wayne was like my idol. I remember everyday going on mixtapetorrent downloading unofficial wayne tapes or like a Biggy Jiggy mixtape and just downloading the Wayne songs. Had like a couple thousand (alot of duplicates). It always disappointed me how his career turned out but its been so long I got over it.

    After watching that CROWN interview though I have a little hope that C5 might be good. He was saying Cortez was telling him to make some songs with more subject matter

  • Mez D
    • shake

      Ummm... that shit had 22 tracks, and we only have 7 that match. Try again.

      • Mez D

        lol damn the hostility. I was just pointing it out.
        This is like my favorite Wayne project even though its unofficial

        • Lodidodida

          Top 5 lil wayne mixtapes

          5-The drought is over 4
          4-The drought 3
          3-Dedication 2
          1-The drought is over 2

          • shake

            Thanks for this, gonna look into it now.

        • shake

          No hostility, I just didn't see any base for that comment you made. But word, this project I remember bumping a bunch. I always liked the cover too... minus ol boy drowning or whatever by "The"

  • marty mcfly

    I think his definitive record during the mixtape Wayne era was Georgia Bush. That could arguably be a mixtape classic imo.

  • …..

    What about that song Trouble? Man, that was dope!

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      super hard

      • …..

        Indeed. It is one of Wayne's best tracks during this period and it got completely swept off the table, despite fitting all of their criteria.

  • …..

    You also could debate the tracks Money, Cars, Clothes, Hoes (Prod. by Swizz Beatz) or Built This City (Feat. Twista). But all in all, Wayne was definitely on fire during this time period.

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      Built This City was la flame...but Money Cars Clothes was an auto-skip for me.

  • Hood Oracle

    real talk if he saved all the dope material he put out he could of had a classic
    lp it could of been ground breaking

  • YeDaTruth

    No "Something You Forgot'?? I guess that song was just......something you forgot :D

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Wasting this much time on Lil Wayne's music???


  • Jason

    "Whip It" should be on that tracklist

  • bigsmoochy

    These editorials are bringing me back to 2DBz after more or less leaving because of a lack of download links. Downloading is one thing - but when I want to read intelligent hip hop dialogue 2DBz is the place to be. A couple glaring omissions in my opinion are Trouble, Pray to the Lord, Brand New and Something You Forgot (lol, irony). Mr. Carter, Playing With Fire, 3 Peat, Comfortable and Shoot Me Down shouldn't just be cut either. Again, that's just my opinion and everyone has a different one. Also, its worth pointing out that all of these are tracks that were intended to land on C3 but were stolen by hackers and posted all over the internet - forcing Wayne to put out "The Leak EP" and scrap his original C3 plans. We all know who "The Empire" is because of Lil Wayne leaks. Lollipop was also a prolific chart topper and though hip hop purists may shy away from giving its proper due that record started the trend that led to Young Jeezy's "Put On", Kanye's 808s & Hearbreak album and the emergence of Drake and now 'artists' like Future. Don't forget about Kendrick's version of C3 which launched his career. Wayne may not be the greatest rapper of all time, or alive (or even in the top 5) but his influence is impossible to ignore. Best thing to do for those who still enjoy the nostalgia of bumping 06-08 Lil Wayne music that isn't on official mixtapes is to create an Archives album of leaks and put it in order by the year it leaked or whatever way you want. I have a 4 disc Archive album and I when I'm in the right mood - I fucking love it.

  • Ant-‘Lo

    This tracklist doesn't include "Something You Forgot".... in other words, this interpretation of what Carter 3 should have been is null and void.

  • Bubba Stunna

    Man, this really takes me back. As a 22 year old, I pretty much grew up during the height of BM JR's rise. I remember all the Drought is Over leaks. People were thirsting for any and every new Wayne song. So many classic songs leaked during that period. I thought it was really interesting that when Wayne got asked about specific songs on C3, he honestly had no idea what songs made the final cut. The record label completely selected the album and it showed. Man, what could have been. Thanks for this article.

  • Nicolas Thomas

    Great list, but One Night Only should be on here. My favorite song from that period.

  • Nicolas Thomas

    Oh, and can't believe that Dr. Carter or Mr. Carter aren't on this either.

  • Donnie Genesis

    Me and my friends do this all the time with this album, glad to finally have another opinion to add

  • Drew Gonzalez

    Peace, thank you for the great write up my friends. I had my own version of Carter III as well, along with Joe Budden's "The Growth", Jay Electronicas unreleased album amongst others. A link to this tracklist would perfect this. Nonetheless, fantastic post. - DGRZZL

  • http://wwwfacebook.com/shadowsamuraithesupremeking Adam Miller

    I get why, but still... I wish there was a DL link, lol

  • MusicHead

    Like I said before, WAYNE THE GOAT & had the greatest most dominant run/prime of all time from 04-august 2011. Real shit. Nigga gave us 3 classic mixtapes, the classic "Tha Carter II" and the dope Carter 1. & the Impactful Carter 3. Meanwhile still droppin free FIRE. Wayne can't be touched for that great period of time. *plays dedication 2 & no ceilings*

  • Guest

    Very much appreciated.
    Youtube or Spotify Playlist would be great - anyone cosign this?

  • Thank Me

    I respect the thought, time and effort of this post. This was well written and hip hop journalism at its best. Well done.

  • Mac Dre

    Thank You Tunechi for the creation of the Based Freestyle.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Cant Believe "Living In A World of Fantasy" wasnt included on the list. Especially since he took the first verse from that track and put it as the last verse on " Playing With Fire", @dopeboySHAKE:disqus you gotta feel me lol

  • SleepyTheGreat
  • NoWuff

    Could we get a zip though?

    • SleepyTheGreat

      at least " me and my drink"

  • soulonice_

    First I like the list but I feel like somethings could be added and the list could be switched around a lil bit.
    1. I'm Me (Is tough for me because I'm Me was supposed to be the original intro but 3 Peat was great, but ima go with I'm Me)
    2.Mr. Carter (Fits appropriately)
    3. La La La (Feel like it should be earlier in the album, just my opinion)
    4. A Milli
    5. Kush
    6.I Know The Future
    7. Pussy Money Weed
    8. What He Does (This fits well after PMW and before Scarface)
    9. Scarface
    10. I Feel Like Dying
    11. Something You Forgot (Song that I felt like was missing most from the list)
    12. Lets Talk(A lot of these songs have samples and are slow, but to me they tell a story in this order)
    13. Prostitute Flange
    14.Playing With Fire/World of Fantasy (Your preference)
    15. Dontgetit,Gossip (Like how Kendrick had Sing About Me,Dying of Thirst have both songs as one.)
    16.Let The Beat Build (Great way to end it)
    1. Love Me or Hate Me (Could've been placed on here as one of the opening tracks)
    2. Never Get It (Love this song)
    3. Dr. Carter (Should be on here, I'll pretend like this was on C4 lol)
    4. Tie My Hands (Same as above)
    5.Real Rap (Some may know it as "Cry Out" but i like this version better, has the New Orleans sound to it, and is one of his best tracks ever to me)

    • soulonice_

      I could do this for a lot of albums that I felt like should've been done differently.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Order is everything, and I respect you knowledge in this

        • soulonice_

          Good look bro