Future – Benz Friendz f. André 3000

blame it on Illy April 17, 2014

Hear Future’s “Benz Friendz,” featuring André 3000 off Honest (due Apr. 22), which you can stream and pre-order on iTunes now.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    My Sentiments Exactly

  • La Brea


  • Lee

    Andre 3000 can make anything sound great even Future’s dumbass!

  • Joe Kerr

    Back when I had things like “guilty pleasures”, this would be one of those…. Now, I just like what I like…. No reason to feel bad about it at all……. Nice…..

    • Ava

      I love what you said

  • Bambi

    This is the best song Future has ever been apart of…3 Stacks Feat. Struggle Falsetto

  • Lorant Mena

    wow 2dope

  • Ed Holiday

    It’s nothing crazy.

  • Guest

    This is great, every part of it. The production, the Future verses, hook, all. Would be a great single.

  • Prince Akeem

    great, another over hyped, overpraised 3k feature which is only just good

    • Meli

      Lol. What an idiot. I never understood overrated – are the select people who don’t like the song more qualified to determine what is good than the actual majority who think It’s amazing? Fuck outta here.

      • fonzo517

        Are the few who have their own opinion and think the verse is just good but nothing spectacular allowed to think that way? lmao


          your an idiot, read what you just wrote….

          , “the verse is just good”

          go argue with yo self, you are agreeing with everyone who likes it???

          • fonzo517

            right I’m the idiot but you’re the one who can’t grasp what I’m saying…I was agreeing with the dude who said the verse was good but will probably be overpraised as pretty much anything andre puts out is. granted he has put out a lot of dope features but this is not “verse of the year” status. so yea I like it but I was just agreeing with dude akeem and seeing as how I wasn’t commenting to you in the first place you don’t really seem to get what I was referencing in Mali’s post simp

      • Prince Akeem

        if you have no concept of an artist being overrated due to their reputation preceding them or due to nostalgic fanfair bias, a matter of which 3k is a major victim of, then we cant have a sensible discussion.

        i mean, when you see comments like “this is the only good thing about futures album” you get an idea as to just how nonobjective the praise is.

        put it this way, if the like systen was still in place, the fanboys would have given this a thumbs up before they even hit the play button, even if they never plan on listening again

        people are reacting this way simply because it’s new 3k, not because it’s actually any good. in a few weeks those same people wont give a fuck about this song


          when was the last time we heard a 3k verse bru them shits dont come often maybe thats why people are overhyping it along with many other reasons (for example its fuckin andre 3k) and i feel u but at the end of the day this is a good andre track and he did his thing and it was awesome so chill


          you crazy hip hop verse of the year thus far, and this will be the song for the summer, Go pop some bottles, or make it rain in order to make yourself feel better. Dre sounds like he just started spittin, yesterday like he said:

          , “I guess its like a bike, think about it”

          hip hop is alive! my nigga dont hate…

  • Jay Daniels

    One of the only listenable songs on Futures album

    • Guest

      because three stacks made, it… this is the begging of the end for future..

  • Guest

    has andre ever not brung it?!

    • marty mcfly

      Yeah 98% of the last decade in which you dont hear him rapping at all. Andre gave us one verse today and he’ll disappear again for another 6 months to a year.

  • fonzo517

    its not bad and I like the concept but its nothing id put in the rotation

    • Troy Terry

      why not DJ Fonzo?


      why the hell would you matter, song of the summer….

      • fonzo517

        eat a dick and get off mines


          your music rotation? 1st off who cares about u, NOBODY!! , “I told that bitch i don’t give a fuck about a rotation. This song is for you bra. If you don’t like the track then shut the fuck up and don’t comment >>

    • fonzo517

      damn I was talking bout my own music rotation but I guess yall so stuck on dres dick that anything remotely bad said about him yall need to defend him like your child lmao


      Its not bad, I like the concept, but I still wont play it..
      You are a self proclaimed hater. Too early to judge what this song is going to do… YO DJ AINT NO DJ HE JUST HIT THAT INSTANT REPLAY…


  • _AudiiO

    Big Boi should chop this up, remove future and throw in his few cents in there.

  • TheTrain

    Wow this Future hate is ridiculous

    • Thomas Gregersen

      Maybe because he’s horrible? and his auto tune shit sounds like my old fax machine

      • Dat nigga

        Soooo you have no idea who zapp and roger or teddy Riley then. Foh fuck nigga.

        • Ray

          Don’t compare Zapp n Roger n Teddy Riley to Future…they were masters with auto tune…this nigga SUCKS

          • Dat nigga

            They were taught and groomed. Future is a straight nigga. Learning as he goes along, tryna feed those babies. Foh tryna discredit the talent and creativity that the struggle births. You fuck nigga.

          • wat

            YOU gtfoh for trying to defend straight up trash. Talent and creativity?!

          • Dat nigga

            YOUZ a hater

          • YODELAYHEWHO

            u have zero likes…. you dick rida

          • Charlie Van Horn

            So you, “Dat Nigga”, proclaims Future is a “straight nigga”…which I dont know if you’re demeaning him or biggin him up…this is why this word is pathetic and needs to stop; then you claim the guy droppin knowledge to you is a “fuck nigga”. Hmmm…what shines brightly here is IGNORANCE personified. First…Future is TERRIBLE. Second, the white major label execs in “the industry” love dumb “niggas” like Future because they continue to exploit black males and these white men get rich off them making themselves LOOK FOOLISH. Third, Zapp, Troutman, And Teddy Riley were ACTUAL MUSICIANS AND HAD TALENT. Fourth, you need to smarten up and quit perpetuating what THEY (the elites of “the industry”) want you to KEEP perpetuating…the continued demise of the black male and their chase for money, riches, strippers, cars, jewelry, etc. and START waking the fuck up, like many others, and STOP feeding into the ignorance man. Come on.

          • Dat nigga

            First off, ol boy is a fuck nigga bcuz I said he was a fuck nigga. That’s just as irrelevant and subjective as you saying the word nigga needs to be erased. Fuck nigga shit lol. You obvious take these blogs too serious with being able to voice your irrelevant opinion and what not. Like it’s changing the world. Fuck nigga thoughts lol.

            Second, future is the man. Foh. The reason the white execs love ppl like future, is bcuz his music sells and brings in the money. If w.e your fav rapper’s shit sold, believe me, they’d be behind it.

            Third, futures the man lol. Teddy Riley and em are what you consider musicians ( which is really what someone told you ) is bcuz they had the proper training and grooming. Like if jayz or nas went to college or had the right upbringing.

            Fourth, the nigga future wrote Rihanna’s loveeeee song. Arguably her best song. Foh after that. Oh and drunk in love, nigga obviously ghost wrote that. Shit did his version where he getting his auto tuned Brian McKnight on and ain’t half bad. Youz obviously just a hater.

          • Ray

            Future didn’t ghostwrite Beyonce! Nigga Beyonce IS a songwriter wtf she need Future for? Future is being used by the corporate LOL his music is just hot for the moment…nigga won’t even be relevant 5 years from now! You think it’s because of talent? FOH bruh! Man that’s just a get rich quick scheme for the white execs! You a fuck nigga for mistaken the truth for bullshyt. And third your comment on Jay Z and Nas is false because they DID have the proper training and grooming without going to college and they are STILL RELEVANT! You won’t be able to say that about Future. Dumbass.

          • Dat nigga

            This nigga said jayz and nas had the proper grooming that’s why they’re there, foh after that.

            Future wrote Rihanna’s loveeee song. Clear as day songwriting credit for you fuck niggaz that can’t think without hate lol. Can’t take that away from him. And the nigga just started. He already dominated the clubs, inspired a wave of lil niggaz styles like migos and rich homie. Future here to stay. Him and mike will got raw talent. Got that modern day dmx and swizz with the pop cross overs. Nigga youz obviously just a hater lol.

          • Ray

            Don’t waste your time speaking to him…when you speak truth you’re a “fuck nigga” to him. LOL

          • Dat nigga

            Lol you a fuck nigga lmao

          • Ray

            Yeah bruh cuz you sure do know me enough to say that LOL..grow up bruh. i understand you’re upset cuz everybody said your favorite rapper is trash. We get it. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

          • Dat nigga

            ^ fuck nigga speeches lol

          • Ray

            Nigga there is NO talent behind ANYTHING Future does…nobody looks foward to hearing him. They listen to his features…Future sucks bruh. Be real or GTFOH.

          • wat

            Such a blasphemous comparison.

        • that was talk box not auto tune

          • Dat nigga

            Bcuz that’s matters.

  • wat

    Catchy beat. 3k sounds good on it.

  • KanYe2tha

    3stacks rollerskating all over a “fuckin problems” interpolation? hell yes! my nigga hasn’t lost a step. #salute

  • grondin82

    3 stackz

  • stevie

    ha this song is horrible


      They prolly roasting you thats why, … You were in the club, trickin off dollars and poppin bottles last week, Just admit it you a following ass , skinny jeans rockin sucka… this song is far from horrible, open yo ears my guy…

  • jizzle

    Damn…Future had a half-not-rhymin 16 bars ONLY on his own joint?? Sounds like an Andre 3000 song ft. Future…right?




    3 stacks is gifted! Period

  • hdz


  • Richardgudnitz

    sweet Jesus!!!!!!!