Future - I Won f. Kanye West (Video)

Watch the video premiere of Future's Hype Williams-directed music video for "I Won," alongside Kanye West.

Stream Future's sophomore album Honest here, and pre-order the deluxe edition, out April 22, on iTunes now.

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  • Starks

    What an uninspired song with an uninspired video to match.

  • Prod.bySICKSIAH

    just released i a remix to this track ... produced by me .. https://soundcloud.com/prod-bysicksiah/future-i-won-feat-kanye

  • hong

    kanye obvious dont care about this video look at him.... smh

  • itsokeydude

    At least its nice to see Kanye back in a Hype Williams video.

  • http://rapgenius.com/T9FTW T9FTW

    I like the song, but the video doesn't do it justice. This video is just bad. It's just boring and overdone. Kanye looks awkward. It left me wondering when the real visuals will come out.

    Also, to me, the audio sounds weird. It sounds like a quicker tempo, I don't even know... I just will listen to album audio.

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Hype Williams fell off.

    And I still can't listen to that Kanye verse with a straight face, it's like something off a South Park parody.

  • YeDaTruth

    Great beat...

  • Carter North


  • Guest


  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    hype williams yikes. hell, even azae production would been better

  • ThatGuyNamedGuy

    Great Beat. Lazy Song Lazy Video

  • http://www.dreamurbanculture.com/ Danny Major

    both of their wives should've been the video girls, and video shouldve been shot ffrom a more "at home" perspective

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Something about the crispness and the framerate of the video did something for me that I liked, but it was pretty damn generic when you break it down haha

    • nah

      Agreed, the all black n white with a little taste of Future dipped in gold was dope. Future is still dumb af tho

  • Phantastica

    i doubt they meant it to sound like it, but this just sounds very degrading

  • chyea

    Future is wack. Im wondering how much he paid kanye for this verse

    • nah

      It's labels fronting the bill to put out unintelligent "typical" hip hop.

  • Tyler PSwitch Dow

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