• ForeverWePush

    Dope shit. Looking forward to this project.. Rapsody, Snow, Nitty, Asia...there are some genuinely dope female emcees!

  • Anthony Stark

    nitty you make a brotha wanna sang! or rap to ya

    • Moonie

      Word up! Lol

  • Ryuk918

    Dope song. Can't believe dudes mentioning Snow over Jean Grae, or MC Melodee, but I guess thats the world we live in these days....

    • CMPTN

      Snow's poppin right now, jean grae hasnt had the same buzz for a minute now. Melodee isnt close to being big right now though but I'd put her up there in the new wave of female MC's.

    • ForeverWePush

      Mc melodee isn't for me and I didn't mention Jean Grae because I was going more New generation/legitimate chance to push into mainstream...no one ranked anyone over anyone else...