Ab-Soul – Tree of Life (prod. Curtiss King)

blame it on Shake April 18, 2014

Some #LT3 shit…

Just as Top Dawg eluded to earlier, Ab-Soul blesses us with some new music! Linking up with Curtiss King (who recently released his Shut Your Trap mixtape with Murs) for “Tree Of Life.” Take a listen below and keep your eyes open for news on Soulo’s next album.


  • wat

    Dope simple beat. Soul was skating over it

    • AndOneill

      Simple but effective! Soul killed it, flow for days!!

  • crooks


  • James Moshis

    holy shit.. yes!!! now the wait for dat album

  • Guest

    Fuckin love soulo!!! This is dope man, cannot wait for this project, has to be my favourite out of TDE.. Killed this

    • Zapp Brannigan

      wipe your chin

  • biff tannen

    Poor man’s Lupe. I don’t get the hype. Dudes not bad but not really a standout MC. The youngsters are easily impressed I guess *shrug*

    • CMPTN

      he’s a good writer and can ride beats pretty well, I wouldnt compare him to lupe since unlike lupe soulo does a wide variety of lyrical content. He’s a solid rapper that has a lot of talent, he’s only dropped two albums right now so it’s more the hype to see where he can go from here as opposed to where hes at right now.

      • biff tannen

        Srsly? Ab Soul has better content than Lupe? Smh

        Disregard that Denzel pic. Idk why that posted. Lol

        • CMPTN

          I never said better, I said he has more variety, as in he writes about a more wider range of topics compared to lupe. I dont think Ab Soul is that great of a rapper at all, but the comparison to Lupe is very very unnecessary.

          • AmIDickRidingyet

            The variety is right. Ab can go from real ignorant on his shit to super conscious and that ain’t a bad thing. He’ll go off about actually doing drugs and fucking bitches then ask why the world is so fucked. I don’t think I’ve heard Lupe step out of his goody 2 shoes. Not like he needs to when his lyrical game is up there with the best. Dude can flip anything and tell a mean story with it.

          • Advance*

            You basically just described a hypocrite and praised him for it.

          • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

            aren’t we all hypocrites though

          • CMPTN

            I dont see where the contradiction is. People are self conscious about what they’re doing and what they should be doing. It’s two sides of the same coin, and no man is gonna be stuck just to one side. Its one thing if you’re trying to send a message, but if you’re like ab soul who’s focus is to paint a story and capture a mood of what he lives, thats where you get something open to interpretation.

            think about the contradiction more as a case of self reflection, the preacher has ears and is hearing what he’s saying as well, listeners are more focused on what it means to them and what they can take away from it if they are focusing on the lyrics.

          • AmIDickRidingyet


          • Promise

            why can i only like a comment one time? this deserves a million thumbs up lol tell em

  • Rick Grimey

    I guess I’ll be the only real nigga here and say what it is… This song is OK, not good, not all that bad, likely to get skipped over after hearing it once.

    • Thank you so much for keeping it real.

      That entire bridge was cringe worthy. This song is just disappointment in an mp3 format. This is the same feeling I got from “Dub Sac”.

      He can’t fall off before he blows up, can he?

      • wat

        Dub Sac was trash for sure

    • three

      soul makes songs that fit well in the context of an album, when you take them away they just don’t make as much sense.

      • If I took “Bohemian Grove” or “Showin’ Love” from Control System, though I like both those tracks, I’m quite sure the album wouldn’t suddenly be disconcerted.

        Could you further elaborate?

        • three

          i agree with those two songs, but you have to admit that the overall mood of the album makes those two sound better and stand out more. soul makes you like songs like book of soul and other sort of monotone songs over slower beats by forcing you to listen to them because the album felt a certain way. krit does the same for me.

          • Sticky

            I totally agree, it took probably two or three listens before I really understood and appreciated Control System, imo some of the best songwriting is the kind that demands multiple listens to fully appreciate and gets better each time, like this song

          • three

            definitely agree

    • McGlock

      wrong I played it more than once. cumpound fags

    • Sensi Star

      If real nigga means dumb ass nigga. You and your 47 likes are right.

      This song is deep on a few levels. Not even mentioning the flow is straight old school.

      Probably too many words coming at ya to gather it all.

      • Rick Grimey

        Lmao! Little boy, stop. I’m not one to trash talk on the web but if you REALLY think this is “deep” in any form or fashion, then words like “the” and “don’t” must make you feel mystified. Have a good one, though. Lol…

  • Freshsup

    This is just chill. Soulo is too real.

  • Peezy

    Pretty sure its called “Tree of Life” …anyway i can hear the progression. #Dope

  • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

    Lol Ab-Soul is so mediocre

  • Herbclouds

    I’m holdin up the terminal takin flicks im irritated but they the reason im gettin rich

    whose better than?

  • Pizza Steve

    Niggas gone hate regardless, whatever. Shit is still dope. Soulo hoe! Shout out to Joey Bada$$ on the cameo!

  • marty mcfly


  • Megazord91

    I fuck with Soul heavy but this was average by his standards, still hyped for his next release though.

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Finally Soulo back with a solid track, and solid verses.

  • Bashir Retro Bazemore

    dope average song. not a song too deep but also not to bouncey. has to appeal to more than us “real thinkers”

  • fonzo517

    it aint really a standout track but I fuck with it

  • Sw15h

    TDE stay giving that weak track first…y’all just feeding while they eating

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    LONGTERM 3!!! Joey Bada$$ in there too


      I thot LONGTERM 3 was going to come out when he’s like rich or something *shrugs*.
      I think its funny how some of u guys “rate” artists. Its Fucking stupid smh.

  • not a single, but this track is sick
    can see it being a standout in an album

    • Adp

      What is a “single”? I hate that fuckin work man. Does it have to have drake on it with a trap like beat? If its a good song its a good song and should be played on the radio. Fuck those “single” standards.

      • man im not a fan of it either, singles/summer jams n so on
        but…it is wut it is

  • PacMan

    HEAD BANGERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bret Hart

    The Excellence Of Execution…

  • 2dope4nope

    A nice 420 track it’s dope!

  • Exhibit C

    I wasn’t expecting much after reading the comments but I really liked it. Probably not a standout track but I’ll ride to it for sure.

  • Is the title really LT3? Couldn’t he come up with something more fresh

  • McGlock

    Can none of you assholes appreciate free music? Why do you self critics got to over analyze everything. Your opinion doesn’t matter.

  • deeznuts

    this shit is iiight..

  • Aydot Saga

    damn…all this time i’ve been confusing ab-soul with ab-liva…and tryina figure out why i think he turned into a weirdo…smh

  • Elgin Brown

    A little more flare from Ab, and this track would be a good one.

  • Eternalist

    Relatively mediocre by Soulo’s standards, and this is coming from a TDE fan. People say “I don’t get the hype”, and haven’t heard anything besides Control System. Grab some earbuds and suck it up. You can dog Dot & Soul but you can’t deny their talent.

    • AndOneill

      man this is dope.! never heard this track,, its not on longterm mentality tho?? smooth shit, this is dope 2

  • Joe Grasse

    people on here that are saying mediocre are the same that dick ride jay electronica when lyrically this is up there as well

    • Seif

      Man… seems like you’ll need RapGenius for a Jay Elec track.

      • Joe Grasse

        Point proven haha

  • Sha king

    The Beat is fly n soul a blaze this track well

  • Lorant Mena

    Light work , nice to hear Soul tho