Eight Months Later, Who Had the Best “Control” Verse?

blame it on Shake April 18, 2014

Jay Electronica is currently in Detroit, at the tables, drinking Ciroc and utilizing the hotel’s internet with a barrage of Twitter updates.

After sharing a list of new artists he digs (Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, Ferg, Ab-Soul and Joey Bada$$ to name a few), his favorite Ab-Soul song (“Book of Soul”), saluting Miss Info on being one of the few “true journalists” in the game, giving NahRight and yours truly daps for staying true to ourselves and other 140-character updates, he then opened up the flood gates with a “ask me anything” Tweet.

Obviously fans flooded his timeline with questions on Act II‘s mysterious release date, but things got interesting when someone asked Jay to rank the verses on “Control.”

Although Kendrick’s verse obviously caused the most controversy, was it the best? Jay Elect doesn’t seem to think so. In his response, the New Orleans emcee put himself up top, with Sean following and Kendrick with the bronze.

Rather than make this a “ooohhhh Jay Elect is dissing Kendrick” post like I’m sure someone will, I just wanted to see where people’s heads were at. Eight months later, who has the best verse?

  • alwalker

    Jay. Did then does now. Then Sean. Kendrick spent half his verse on mediocre at best disses that were pretty much uncalled for.

    • Sticky

      it was a challenge, not a diss

  • aboynamedandy

    I was sure that first tweet was sarcastic, then his second tweet kinda killed the joke. But I assume by the fact that he even ranked Big Sean’s verse he is trolling.

    • Francis


  • Ted

    Los. Haha

  • DixonBainbridge

    Jay Electronica! there’s a reason his verse was last, its not his fault these posers have a short attention span.

    “The eyelashes like umbrellas when it rains from the heart /And the tissue is like an angel kissin you in the dark

    who else raps like that?

    • Chuck

      Nas. Nas raps like that.

      • DixonBainbridge

        i love nas, i was listening to ‘street’s disciple’ just yesterday. been listening to him since 99 and Jayelect since 07/08. That being said, Jay Elect is just on another level than Nas and i think even he would agree.

        On ‘Queens get the money’ Nas spits:

        “You don’t know how high the sky is
        The square milage of Earth, or what pi is
        I’m the shaky hand that touched Geogre Foreman in Zaire
        The same hand that punched down devils that brought down the towers”

        based on content and delivery can you guess who really wrote that? (look at who produced that record)

        • Chuck

          it’s long been rumored that Jay Elec and dead prez ghost wrote the untitled album. contributing lines isn’t ghost writing, it’s
          collaborating. now I don’t know how much they wrote for Nas, but to me writing whole songs is ghost writing. The 50 Cent disses on ‘Queens’ tell me that wasn’t the case.

          Jay E being on a different level is a matter of opinion. Nas and him usually have different subject matter, but similar styles.

          • DixonBainbridge

            Yeah I can agree with similar styles, they’re both poetic emcees. Never said he wrote the whole song, that part def sounds like jay elect and I could hear that the first time I listened back when the album came out.

            He is on a different level, no disrespect to nas a legend in his own right.

          • illness4hunnin

            sorry i love jay e but Nas is the most lyrical… Nas true king.

  • Cpr196

    he said Big Sean!

  • Tupac Shakur

    budden killed that shit game over, if yall think different yall don’t know shit

    • Tupac Shakur

      just checked that king los response shit is crazy, bar after bar damn, still budden wins this hands down

    • Francis

      Lupe had the best response – hands down. End of Story.

      • Tupac Shakur

        that shit ain’ even the same beat yo, what ya talkin bout

  • Kam

    He’s right. Kendrick shit was dope yeah, but all he did was call out names get a fucking grip besides Kendrick dick lol damn. Drake made a point with that Elliot Wilson interview. “If I ask you, are you listening to it right now? or how about if I ask you how does the verse go?” in regard to Kendrick verse, we know the answers to that lol

    • Jules Roussel

      That was the dumbest comment by Drake. while it may be true no one was still listening, its damn true that everyone remembers it, and is still the topic of much convo even to this day as evidenced by the comments here…is anyone still talking about a Drake verse…doubt it.

      • Kam

        wasn’t just the other week they were all this talk about that subliminal ass Draft Day joint as far as Hov tho…just speaking in most recent terms

        • Seif

          Exactly son, last week. Been almost a year since Control and people still talking.

    • Francis

      I don’t fuck with Drake but he made sense with that.

  • Nuance

    I’d rank it the same way at Jay Electricity. Him & Sean had the best message Kendrick just took it to left field.

  • fonzo517

    you mean there were other rappers on that track besides Kendrick? lol


    kendrick obviously had the best verse but King los had the best response

  • marty mcfly

    Kendrick and thats cause people kept talking about how he was saying names and because his name is kendrick. Anything Kendrick gets on its automatically gonna be best verse and not necessarily cause it is but because in public opinion it is no matter what was said in the actual verse. People talked about this song for months and each time what was the conversation about? Kendrick, so that makes it best verse just based on that.

    • marty mcfly

      Would it be the best verse if Kendrick said no names? Thats really the question imo…

  • rickoshay

    shit, it already been 8 months. What am I doing with my life?

    • Jordan

      Bullshittin’ like the rest of us

      • Guest



    Jay Elec had my favorite off the record. kendrick spit hard as fuck but at the end of the day, it’s him just saying he better than the rest. I get that and he’s proven he’s one of the elite right now, but the only reason it got the huge following is because of the fact he dropped names on it. If he didnt say anyones name on his verse, I dont think anyone else would take a second look at the verse, because honestly that was the real standout (both that and the king of NY line, but I’m in the camp that think thats a kurupt/dpg shout out).

    Basically Jay had the best verse in terms of actual writing, Sean had a solid verse too imo. But Kendrick had the most presence on the record.

  • Prince Akeem

    funny to read all these posters who were endlessly dickriding kendricks verse just last year and dissing drake now switching sides because of one tweet. fickle ass rap fans smh

  • StudentOfTheGame

    Jay had best verse with a message and a meaning. Kendrick had best verse with killing them game and everyone had to check themselves. sure its easy to hate on kendrick but the game really hasnt been the same since that verse. you can say it was mediocre, it wasnt really a diss, he was just saying what ever rapper is feeling/ should be feeling like.

    but jay had a great verse also. cant wait for his project and kendricks.

    • StudentOfTheGame

      but with response, Joe Budden and Joel Ortiz. Slaughterhouse snapped on him. no beef just good rap, what every rapper should bring,

  • Megazord91

    Kendrick still, that verse was hard even without calling out all the other rappers

    • Francis

      One of Kendrick’s weaker verses until after the name dropping in my opinion.

  • You should rename this post “8 Months Later & 2DBZ Is Still On Kendrick Lamar’s Dick”

    • Jordan

      It’s been waaay longer than that

  • Rodmatic

    kendrick killed that shit no doubt!
    If you want proof go to rapgenius and they will de-code the whole song for you.


    Shit theres the link . Look at it then make your judgement

    • Seif

      I think you may need to decode Jay’s verse after to readjust your judgement.

  • Meek Mill had the best response by the way, especially since it was the only one that Kendrick responded to (well, he responded to Papoose too, but he’s ass so he doesn’t count)

  • illsupra

    Jay just mad cuz he’s wasted 2 dope verses on tracks that were overshadowed by shots being fired…..first Control….then We Made It

    • Francis

      ….and Jay-Z knew exactly what he was doing. K.Dot did it before him and Jay-Z realized it was his only option to have his verse be talked about more than Jay Electronica.

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    still dont care

  • soulonice_

    Sean verse was good but not better than Kenderick’s, come on Jay.

  • DOPE

    That nigga jay electronics shit was hella weak from the start, kendrick really wasn’t saying anything, and ill say big sean had the best verse but it was average

  • YeDaTruth

    I feel Kendrick’s verse was the best (typical to say, but w/e), but I feel Big Sean’s verse was totally underrated. It was quite good, just overshadowed. As much as a fan of Jay Electronica as I am, to me, he was the weakest (still good tho).

  • Mez D

    King Los had the best response imo no question.
    Those that haven’t need to check it out

  • I run Zamunda!

    2dopeboyz is running out of interesting content… So they post this uninteresting questions.

  • Bil AL

    the impact of kendricks verse and its concept overshadows everything else in that song simple as that. the only reason this song is still being mentioned is because of that verse. Jay electronica you should slap yourself.

    • Francis

      Kendrick’s concept is that he’s the best rapper alive. How many rappers have made that claim? Jay Electronica is actually spitting real life lessons.

      • Bil AL

        no kendrick did what nobody was doing which was calling out everyone, doesn’t matter what people say about it it still made a bigger impact than any other verse in awhile. You tell me what verse is still being talked about as much as kendricks? His concept was not just im the best rapper the way he delivered made everyone wake up. nobody was expecting it, its all about timing. Jay elec is dope but we have heard that lyrical stuff in the past hip hop needs more things with shock value to push and evolve the hip hop culture.

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Jay entitled to his opinion, but I think K.Dot topped Big Sean. Not every verse has to have meaning or say something, but just comparing bar for bar, then Kendrick topped Big Sean at least.

  • biff tannen

    I definitely think Jay had the better verse but Kendrick ‘s was better than sean’s. Kendrick got the hype because he dropped names in the spirit of competition but if you really listen to what was said, what Jay did on control was pure poetry. Imo anyway

  • Tim Westwood


  • Gras Aap

    Kendrick, No one cares about that Jay electronica verse

    • Francis

      ^ Things Fatherless niggas say.

  • AK

    Still remember what i was doing when i heard the song
    Cant say that for a lot of music these days
    and I’m sure its not because of the other two verses aside from Kendrick’s

    • Francis


  • jay had the best verse he sad so much with a few words http://insite.bandcamp.com/

  • espyy

    Jay Elec has the best verse, is beautiful, poetry… but Dot’s verse is strong, is pure rap ya know? is egotrip, is ‘im better than y’all’.. that’s important. Dot brought back the rap game.

  • JamMaster James

    Is that a rhetorical question Farley?

    Jay Elec needs to shut the hell up and put out some product. That was Kendricks joint, nobody speaks of the other verses, putting Sean ahead of Kendrick is taking the piss!

  • Promise

    Shake, dyou seriously believe any of those verses were as good as Los or Gemstones? C’mon, f’real? Smh no disrespect to Jay or Sean but…

  • Rudi A Sanchez

    Big Sean, K. Dot, Jay Electronica is delusional

  • Bret Hart

    The Best There Is, Best There Was, Best There Ever Will Be..


  • Luis Rosas

    nobody fuck em all

  • Alex

    8 months later & Kendrick still had the best verse , 8 more years won’t change that

    • unless you can think for yourself without succumbing to mob rule. then it’s jay first sean 2nd.

      • Francis

        Jay first and Kendrick 2nd in my opinion.

  • thatrandomguy
  • Charlie Van Horn

    Jay Elec and Big Sean were on this track?

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Sean Don that ish was smooth

  • the free man will say of course that jay elec had the best verse and sean the 2nd. kendrick really was saying nothing

  • Jay Daniels

    Jay got it backwards. You know the DJ’s cut the record off after Kendricks verse. Ain’t no need for a debate, everyone knows Kendrick smashed it, Big sean verse was actually crazy too if you really listen, but Jay had nothing on that record.

  • hong

    jay electricity be clownin, how you gon say your verse is better than kendrick’s when people dont even remember your verse that’s just some underground proud ish step yoour flow up smh

  • Joe Grasse

    lmao kendrick didnt juuuuust drop names.. he started a whole nother competition movement in rap… now rappers tend to have to come with that mentality like theyre the best and before control it was just making money

  • unknown

    Los had the best response. Joey is that nigga, but los still had the best response