2Deep: Gang Starr – Just To Get A Rep (Video)

blame it on JES7 April 19, 2014

To celebrate the life and legacy of Guru, who passed away four years ago to the day, we’ll revisit Gang Starr’s tale of stick up kids on “Just To Get A Rep” (whose chorus samples Nice & Smooth’s “Funky For You“)

What’s your favorite Guru verse ever? Be it Gang Starr or solo material (a la the Jazzmatazz series, sans Volume 4). Sound off below.

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    My Advice 2 You

  • Royce ‘Rtystic’ Taylor

    verse 3 on suckas need bodyguards!

    After the killing just like casper I’m ghost
    Fakes thought I was friendly, at their wakes I was host
    Toast without a gun you’d be done
    Throw up your hands bitch and now you know you stand to lose one
    Choose one metaphor and then choose another
    Wax that ass like a bully have you calling your big brother
    Although I’m five foot eight they call me sargeant
    Got more hoes in my dick than you can fit in the garden

    At madison square…etc etc

  • Tekwon

    Say what you want about Guru but Step In The Arena was a game changer.


  • Rico

    “I’m gonna get ya
    You might be bigger than me, so i’ma wet ya
    Come into your house to douse it with the
    Malatov cocktail, I won’t fail
    Burn out your eyeballs, and leave a note in braille
    So what the fuck you gonna do?
    Yea I know I used to act relaxed but now I’m cuckoo
    Come into my darkest deepest thoughts
    We fought I won, and now you’re caught and bein tortured
    Water pellets dripped upon your forehead
    But you can’t move, because you’re tied up
    Your time’s up…”


  • I love Guru’s verse on “Above the Clouds”…great share.