• http://www.gusleagues.com/ trenny jones

    Finally no disrespect in your caption Shake. Props.

  • mega mega

    i'll pass

  • Gook Warrior

    Cosign today's most gifted lyricist. When Gucci mane goes burr... Ooh lord almighty Jesus of Nazareth all i can say is BARS
    they make Chocolate Droppa go back and rewrite his raps. They make
    Shake look like a delicious ass decadent fruity smoothie. They make
    Microsoft into Microhard.


      If Gucci makes an album with Waka again, the skreets will explode

  • StudentOfTheGame

    i dont listen to gucci, likw at all. and i dont like young thug, but i feel like the only way gucci is trying to stay relevant outside of his core fans, is doing these mixtapes with other rappers.

  • Ryan Grayson

    Gucci is Nice but he's put out entirely to much new music and it's all a train wreck now. Especially this... I couldn't get through any song...



  • realavance

    at least the beats are hot, this is just some gym workout music to me

  • NoWuff

    I might need this sans tags... And Datpiffs music player is straight gar

  • Scott Williams

    Shake one day one of these guys you shit on is gonna rip out your gay lip ring and shove you in the boot of a car and you'll never be seen again.