50 Cent – Chase The Paper f. Prodigy, Styles P & Kidd Kidd (Video)

blame it on Meka April 21, 2014

Shake has particularly enjoyed 50’s latest releases leading up to his Animal Ambition drop (due June 3rd), while I’ve enjoyed his epic interview on Hot 97 last week. Anyways, here’s his latest music video, featuring a few familiar faces.

  • Adi Pre

    Fiddy seriously getting it in this year.

    • RϰϰςΨ

      Will probably sell 10k copies, but who gives a fuck!

  • Seth K

    reminds me of the good ole days. the simplicity=greatness

  • Gras Aap

    Okay, this was horrible haha, where is the explicit version

  • LaFlame

    Meka uploaded the instrumental version

  • espyy

    man, is he going to leak the whole album?

    • Mac Dre

      He said he’s planning on it… I don’t think its a smart strategy.

      • Statethefacts

        ive liked every song he’s put out so far from the album so i think its a smart strategy actually giving you the songs that are gonna be on the album so you know exactly what your buying. 50s been dormant in the past couple years this is the best way to step back in and get most sales as possible. i wouldn’t buy the cd if i didn’t hear anything from it because the past mix tapes he’s put out in the last couple years have been trash. but the subject he’s using has changed into more of a boss-man money getter than hood shit and i wouldn’t have noticed that without a taste of the album

  • Big V

    Man… clean version for rap music is so stupid, smh

  • cam

    Didn’t Lloyd Banks use this beat before???

    • AlexFirth91

      He did wow lol

  • jordan

    this beat is from Lloyd banks Greenday ft havoc

  • Ryan

    Sounds like an Alchemist track, but it’s almost unlistenable in this censored format unfortunately.

    • RϰϰςΨ

      Sounds nothing like an Alchemist beat

  • soulonice_

    Every other word is censored lol

  • three

    50 just got done saying he shouldn’t have given banks and yayo fame and should have made them earn it.. now look what he’s doing with kidd kidd.

  • Quickstrike

    Sounds like a song Young Buck should be on.

  • AlexFirth91

    Crazy how he used Banks beat that featured Havoc lol back on V5 (Greenday). Guess they’re ok with it.

  • Bix

    Does someone knows what’s the brand or name of the varsity jacket 50’s wearing?