• 206Dave


  • espyy

    Fuuuuck, can't wait for this!

  • Clint Vierra

    this song alone earned my pre order. sign me up

  • BoRed

    Damn this kind of exceeded my expectations.. which I thought would be tough. But this shit goooess! Preordered!

  • snekkersten

    Mayday always have some good music for the summer, and adding Murs is a genius move

  • bgsdgsdg

    Murs is awful.. no wonder his career went no where and he clinging to a career and hoping SM can save him

  • Michelle

    oh my gaaaaaaaawd yes.

  • Dylan Edwards

    Great combo! Daaamn

  • OsoManoso88

    A collab with Ab-Soul would be dope!