Joey Bada$$ – Mr. Wonderful

blame it on Shake April 23, 2014

Before UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis enters the ring to fight Anthony Johnson this Saturday on PPV, Joey Bada$$ releases a new joint named after the fighter’s nickname. Stream/download the Kirk Knight-produced single below and be sure to tune in to UFC 172 as Phil will be walking out to the record before his bout.

  • Seif

    Well… the beat is horrible.

    • Hardy McCloud

      Agreed. Terrible bass line.

      • wat

        Yeah… Yikes

  • wat

    Beat is bad and Joey isn’t riding it well.

  • Advance*

    This is really bad

  • Exhibit C

    1. I did not like anything about that song. 2. A UFC fighter entrance is like 5 minutes and this song is only 2 minutes. 3. I like Phil Davis but Rumble Johnson is my guy, I wanna see him land that high kick and put the lights out.

    • “a ufc fighter entrance is like 5 minutes”
      Lol, no it ain’t. That shit is about 2 mins; which is how long this song is.
      Song is about as tough as Doug Funny, though.Shit’s wack.

      Phil Davis gonna demolish Anthony Johnson, too.

      • Exhibit C

        Yeah you’re right, I guess it just feels longer, I never actually timed it. But 2 minutes is still cutting it close.
        Why do you think Phil’s gonna demolish Rumble? Since getting dominated by Rashad (even in wrestling), he won two fights against two guys who are no where near top 10 in the division, then he robbed Machida of a decision in a fight where his only bright spots were 2 take downs to steal the rounds and then doing no damage off the top. I don’t get the hype for him as of right now. What I do know though is Rumble has some insane KO power and the speed and athleticism to land it.

        • Advance*

          They’ll just loop the song. Bisping always comes out to Song 2 which is only like 2 mins long, and they just repeat it

      • Exhibit C

        Looks like Phil Davis got demolished


    Alright, this guy has officialy fell off. I cant beleive he just droped this wack ass song though. Im not even hating. He impressed me and alot of other people with 1999 but ever since then its been down hill for him.

    • Sticky

      he’s released one mixtape and has been working on an album since 1999, it hasn’t even been two years, i know thats long in internet time but damn saying he fell off already? have a little patience

      • Advance*

        To be honest I haven’t liked anything he’s done since 1999. It’s not even about having patience, I just think a lot of people see the path he’s going and lost faith in him. I’d like to be proven wrong though.

      • Mez D

        Well he dropped that Pro Era tape (which was dope) and Summer Knights and I think another PE tape came out recently. But I agree with dude 99 was a really great project to me and all of his music after and his flow have just been uninteresting to me. Seems like alot of people feel that way too cause Pro Era was like TDE level with stans.
        Hopefully his album is better though.

  • BrooklynMMA

    It’s aight.. nothing serious.. just a hype song.. it’s not like this shit gonna be on his album.

  • biff tannen

    This was quite horrible.

    I bet if if this dude was TDE affiliated half these people would find a reason to like it tho

    • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

      you never miss your chance to bring up TDE even in things that don’t involve them. You seem hurt

      • biff tannen

        Hit a nerve did I?

  • Nuance

    Can’t tell if the beat was made after he spit his verse or if Joey just couldn’t flow to this shit.

  • Austin Garcia

    Terrible song, but Joey ain’t fall off. Not every song can be great that he produces. B4.DA.$$ is all I’m waitin for tho

    • Joe Grasse

      kirk knight produced this but waiting for b4.da.$$ also

      • Austin Garcia

        I know that I shouldn’t have used produced…I meant every song he releases

  • hobbes

    who mixed this song down??

  • fonzo517

    this track sound like it was made by a nobody for some wwf wrestler ten years ago

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    I fuck with joey but this is trash

  • herp

    I swear you can even hear the keys being clicked at the start of the bassline. Weak ass beat.

  • Dang…everything that needed to be said about this song was already presented. Still a fan regardless.