Fredo Santana – Oochie Wally Freestyle

blame it on Shake April 24, 2014

As he continues to work on his Walking Legend LP, Fredo Santana decides to tack on some rhymes to Nas and the Bravehearts’ “Oochie Wally” instrumental.

  • whattt… this nigga need a BET bitchslap for that cover

    • drewsmit24

      Bitchslap too light. Sell this nigga organs on the black market…And play icejjfish at his funeral

      • Rodmatic

        damn thats cold lmao

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        dam hahahaha

  • Carter North


  • Goldberg brain



    someone needa slap those tattoos off this nigga’s face

  • Guest

    fuck wat yall talking about. a grimey nigga like fredo paying homage to the G O D S O N K I N G OF N Y C . BRUH FREDO GASSED THIS WTF YALL TALKING ABOUT??? THIS IS THE ONLY ORIGINAL MUSIC IN THE GAME. THESE BACKPACK NIGGAS TRYNNA BRING THE 90S BACK INSTEAD OF BEING ORIGINAL. Fredo u a G for this !!!

    • WhoCares

      OH SHIT! One of their fans learned how to use a computer

      • Guest

        i know more about hip hop than u

    • Quasi.OG

      I fuck with Fredo but tell me how this nigga is being Original? Besides being himself..

  • hollow tips

    shoulda had the hook atleast.

  • tbh

    In fact nas had the worst verse on the whole fuckin song but I know…The sun don’t shine the son don’t shine

  • NoNameNeeded

    these Drill music dudes shouldn’t rap over Hip-Hop beats, they literally have no idea how to ride a real beat. this shit sounds beyond amateur.

  • Wow at the cover haha…he did go in though on a beat that I would never rhyme on…

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Will someone run over this damn coon???