• MidKnightMaRawder

    Thanks for this, I cared. - No one ever.

  • _AudiiO

    Fuck yeah this is so fucking amazing zomg zomg I found a fuck to give!...oh wait, thats a piece of lint.

  • marty mcfly

    I wanna punch Cons just for looking like that.

  • YeDaTruth

    Consequence : "Yo Joey sorry for punching you in the back of the head like a bitch"

    Joe Budden: "It's cool, if there's one thing Joe Budden loves, it's the bitches"

    • krow132


    • Bobby Henley


  • Moonie

    Woopty doo

  • http://tonymoreaux781.bandcamp.com/album/had-you-at-hello-ep malmoeone3

    Cons squashed it cuz he didn't expect to see Joe B. Lol

  • triPAUD

    More or less ran its course. The only thing thats wack is that it wasn't on wax. That Joe Budden Saigon shit was the perfect example of a good battle. 2 tracks to get everything out and then let it die. don't try to stretch that shit into a marketing campaign for your album 2 years later.

    • shake


  • Guest

    Who knew Consequence was still alive...
    Dude dissed Ye and disappeared faster than Tiger Woods' endorsements.

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    Budden is straight cold for that post ahahahaha