Rihanna Goes Topless For ‘Vogue Brasil’

blame it on Shake April 25, 2014

Rihanna covered Vogue for the second time back in October of 2012, and most-recently a third time this March. Keeping her relationship strong, she’s now gracing the cover of the Brazil-edition of the fashion magazine.

Shot in Brazil by Mariano Vivanco, Rihanna lands a double cover and even loses her top in the spread.

The issue hits shelves next month.

rihanna-vogue-brazil1 rihanna-vogue-brazil2 rihanna-vogue-brazil3 rihanna-vogue-brazil4
  • Lorant Mena


  • kermit- da -hustla

    she looks like a man damn no azz or tits no curvy body if she wasn’t famous people wouldn’t give her a second look on the street

    • Carter North

      U looking @ Jhene’s

    • john

      if u wouldngt give her a second look in the streets my nigga ur GAY

  • Carter North
  • biff tannen

    Kinda looks like the chick from love and hip hop Atlanta that everyone accuses of being a man.

    Maybe it’s just me *shrug*

  • Charlie Van Horn

    worst tits, not even pretty, stop worshipping other people. #SMSPF

    • DIesel

      what exactly are you mad about?

  • Exhibit C

    First of all, she’s beautiful. I’ve never met anyone in real life who thinks otherwise. Second of all, beautiful or not, why are you insulting her appearance and saying she has no tits and looks like a boy? Thats some low life, weak minded shit regardless of what she looks like. I gotta remind myself most of you are probably like 16.

  • Dango

    PTV Sideboob Hour!

    • KingYo!

      Word lol

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    I’d fuck this dumb smut, but she is so fuckin overrated…

  • Garron

    Guy 1: Is that a nipple or a shadow? Guy 2: I think it’s a shadow of a nipple. Guy 1: No, it’s a nipple. Guy 2: How do you know for sure? Guy 1: Cuz I’m droolin…

  • TrueGem17

    In the past I used to bash Rihanna every time she did something stupid or controversial. Nowadays I kind of respect her. She went through so much media scrutiny and yet managed to keep it real. Plus she’s a fine woman!


    If she wanted Tits she got the money to buy em, if she wanted a phat ass she’d pull a Nicki

  • fonzo517

    damn I thought I was actually gonna see some titties