• Ed Holiday

    ...and a video, really makes up for last weeks mess

  • AndOneill

    Fine as fuck!! Dammmmmmmm

    • shake

      hahaha wtf! that's awesome.

  • Guest

    Still waiting for the nsfw photos Meka shot of shake.

    • NYCityKid

      Lmao, trolling at it's finest. Fuck them niggas and that bitch is nothing to jerk off too..

  • who cares

    I was feeling her until I reached those red bikini pics towards the bottom and you could see her ribs poking out the side of her stomach like the jagged edge of a knife. No thank you. She looks nice as fuck in the pics of her in the brick-walled room with the denim jacket, though. Not the best SNS, but not the worst, either.

    • Mez D

      Shes fine as fuck to me but yea her ribs are kinda scary I've never seen them stick out so much

  • Ace Hood’s Rollie
  • kareo

    dem hips tho!!! holy shit!!!

  • Adi Pre

    HHAHAHAHAAH @ Tom Hanks Gif. Bitch is bad, I'd love to be on a balcony in Tuscany with her and she feeds me grapes whilst I listen to the Blueprint album.

  • https://twitter.com/_SimeonA703 LBN-3805

    She's hella gorgeous

  • https://twitter.com/_SimeonA703 LBN-3805

    I don't think it's safe to be on a rooftop with them boots or heels whatever those are seems like one wobbly step and she's done ... God forbid of course

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Even tho she got pancakitis, she could still sit on my face like...


  • Your Best Friend


  • https://twitter.com/JafaFielder Jafa, the creative

    Nobody peeped her rib cage though..?

  • leutrim

    Most beautiful SNS to date

  • ball666

    500x281 resolution? come on man

  • Pizza Steve

    Women like this is proof there's a God lol

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Not feeling this she is ugly and does not fit this site at all. It would be like having Kapri Styles model for some hardcore Metal website LOL! We need more Hip-Hop honey's on this site, not some 90210 or Gossip girl lookin bitches with no face or body Real shit.