50 Cent – Everytime I Come Around f. Kidd Kidd

blame it on Illy April 28, 2014
animal ambition cover

Continuing his weekly drops until the release of his long awaited album, Animal Ambition, Curtis returns with protegé Kidd Kidd on his latest leak, “Everytime I Come Around.” The track is available for purchase on iTunes now.

Animal Ambition out June 3.

  • who cares

    This continues the “meh” vibe I’ve been getting from just about every leak…

    • Pretty much. “Chase the Paper” is the only one I actually really enjoyed. The instrumental on “Pilot” is pretty cool too, but the hook is just so amateur.

  • Charlie Van Horn

    *snore*…guy made his money, time to hang it up and pursue his other business ventures. Kidd Kidd…go to school, get an education…rap is not for you.

  • biff tannen

    Lemme go back to listening to that new KRIT song.

  • Bambi

    Its sad to see that 50’s made so many enemies and turned so many friends into foes that his main “protege” is Kidd Kidd aka guy who wasn’t even in top 5 on YMCMB…smh

  • I run Zamunda!

    Not great but not bad… but Animal Ambition still has some heat on it.

  • Ay Curtis who da fuqq is gonna buy the album when every song is already out nigga?

    • Jose Maria

      If u support n purchase then by june 3Rd you’d bout tge entire album. I copped every song. I git 99cents a week for ny music.

  • Anthony Kelley

    This shit hard as fuck you can go listen that other shit I’ll buy Fif shit

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Right, Like Kidd Kidd aint spaz on this verse. I swear niggas is so flakely. They cant tell you why they like something or dislike it

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    That flow is horrid.

  • lucky sleven

    tight track no complaints might be #1 at some point.

  • MiC

    i think people have forgotten what good ol new york street muzik sounds like lol this is dope you been listening to that other shit for to long

    • biff tannen

      Roc Marciano, Skyzoo and Ka all disagree….

  • fonzo517

    they like o no

  • Lorant Mena

    NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR KIDD KIDD.. but he wasn’t too bad on this one lol solid track

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    I don’t understand why he chose kidd kidd to sign and to stand next to. Every Kidd Kidd feature could be replaced by Lloyd Banks easily not that I think Banks should bother but 50 could of signed any of the many up and coming underground acts with a little buzz and gave them a platform thus giving him someone good to stand next to to and keeping g-unit relevant.. no one cares about rydah gang.. I think 50 just likes someone to boss around for a couple thousand dollars.

  • Lou Velazquez

    yall niggax act like he care if you support him he filthy rich more than i can say for yall broke ass niggaz who sit behind a screen and talk shit get on your grindb and maybe you too can get rich haten ass niggaz lmao!

    • biff tannen


      • Lou Velazquez

        not mad sharing my thoughts why if you dont like them keep it moving!

  • NYBX

    Niggaz hating on a real nigga is sad if you like todays music go listen to that retarded shit but its facts todays so called hip hop music is trash cmon everyone rapping the same every beat sound exactly alike even rap artist can make up there street life and people accept it smh wtf happen to hip hop and yea i knw its 2014 but honestly hip hop could have went another direction and kept that grimey struggle rap with a lil bit of a mellow type of style as well as club bangerz for ya club heads but now its just handicap music lol but this song is hot im not to much into kidd kidd but hey i would listen to kidd kidd voice more than meek millz now thats an annoying rapper but kidd kidd did his thing on here so stop hatin fif gotta a nice quality album with animal ambition so why the hate fif bringing that hip hop feel that we need and yea i would love to hear banks on this track but banks being a laid back nigga he dont wanna make music who knows why maybe he lazy idk but the same with yayo they both basically make music when they feel like it and thats what fif disagrees with and he telling the truth but i hope some how some way the unit gets back together