DJ Khaled Announces New Album; First Single to Feature JAY Z

blame it on Shake April 28, 2014

During a sit-down with the homie Rob Markman over at MTV, DJ Khaled announces he has a new album coming this summer and that he finally got a JAY Z feature for the first single.

“And guess what? I just left Marcy Projects,” Khaled screamed, beating his chest. “What you think I’m playing with this sh–? Eight summers, I got Jay Z, Shawn Carter; I got Hova on my first single,” he said before slamming the mic to the ground. “Fuck this shit, I’mma show the game, boy.”

Khaled is always good for 2-4 songs every album IMO, so hopefully the Hov-feature is one of them.


    and just like his last album, no one’s gonna remember it

  • datbul

    Someone make it clear for me: Does Khalid make beats or no?

    • Jamal

      He produces one or two songs per album. That being said, those are the songs you normally skip when listening to the album.

      • Phil Legend

        “Produce”: pays off the actual producer to take credit for said production

        • datbul

          …and lol.

      • datbul


    • It’s True Sorry

      He’s a Dj before anything remember that

    • Mac Dre

      What Khaled does is buy the beats he likes from producers (whatever their fee is) then he comes up with the concept for the song, and gets the rappers/singers he wants on it and pays them their flat feature fee for their part. He (meaning the label) spends A LOT to make his albums happen, but it usually pays off b/c he’ll have 3 or so monster singles from each album. He only claims to actually produce on one or two songs for each album, and he might rap on one (I don’t know if he even writes his own bars). It’s mostly done how I described above.

      • datbul

        Solid. Appreciate the info.

  • ..Trillion..

    oh my god who does this guy think he is lol by far the most annoying person in hip hop. hip hop was great before he came along and rounded everyone up to form 1 big band.

    • marty mcfly

      I’ll say this about Khaled though, and fuck music for a second but imo Khaled is hungrier then alot of rappers are. I can respect the passion he has for this culture. Alot of niggas wanna be too cool for school or act like the Fabolous cool but aint got Fabolous bars, aint even got Wiz Khalifa bars n shit. Khaled be seriously on some hungry just take the game over type shit while alot of folks just be chillen like they got the shit locked up when they dont.

  • CoryJamez


  • hh_addict

    oh man…I feel embarassed for him, he’s trying to play tough, act like Kanye while he’s just nothing. He doesn’t make music, he doesn’t rap, wtf can you give him credits for ?…

    • marty mcfly

      Khaled is a DJ

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      I can give him credit for being a comedian. His video with mavado and vado about the car being bugged and his instagram photos are pure gold.

  • Loïc Mirande

    I mean … smh
    It sounds like Kanye’s rants minus the talent nor the message.

  • Lodidodida

    I hate the nigga, but I respect the drive. He’s delusional in a way that allows him to continue to find his own success.

  • Gras Aap

    Meek mill, Rozay and Montana will be on this song to and i don’t fucking like that because Meek Mill is a wack mutherfucker and Montana can’t rap at all and must stop with that ‘Haaaaaann’ what he is een doing on all his songs.