Rihanna Goes Topless Says F*ck Clothing For Lui Magazine

blame it on Shake April 29, 2014

There goes RiRi with her shirt off again. Just days after gracing the pages of Vogue Brasil without a top, Rihanna takes it a step further. Choosing to bare it all on the cover of Lui Magazine.

Click the image above for the uncensored version. NSFW kiddies.

UPDATE: Oh, there’s more…

rihanna-lui-spread-01 rihanna-lui-spread-02 rihanna-lui-spread-03 rihanna-lui-spread-04
  • Bonde


  • KK

    Damn I love me some B cups!

  • iAmRafy


  • AlexFirth91

    Damn Rihanna just drop that tape lol.

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    I’m still fuckin and suckin them tho….

  • Lorenzo Middleton

    It’s sad how taboo the human body is in the U.S.

  • Jaztazj

    I was going to Crack jokes, but it hit me… her body is real.

  • i respect her natural body … no plastic ass or titties these days are #veryrare

  • Julian T. Wyllie

    I’m surprised that they allowed her to be “dark” in these photos. I was expecting the usual airbrush and lighted tint/whitewash to the shoot.

  • Ace Hood’s Rollie
  • deeznuts

    see why them niggas be fightin each other..chris prolly got these photos in his cell,while drake cryin on the screen..

  • muk

    if only i was stood behind her for tht last shot

  • DC King Of Hearts

    I’ve always loved Rihanna’s ass.
    And that tanline tho…
    Gawd yes…

  • Damn, Rihanna naked?!
    You mean, she didn’t show her titties n’ other mentionables over 8 years ago, which got me through both middle and highschool?!
    Oh happy da – man, bitch, quit ackin’ like nobody remembers them titty pics you sent to Chris Brown.

    This shit would be like if that hoe from Highschool Musical decided to do some artsy-fartsy nude pics.

    • TacoNada

      That fact that you referenced how long ago it was that naked pictures of her got leaked prove that nobody really remembers it; mostly because nobody really cares anymore.

      Although apparently some people do.

  • PatrickBateman

    Lavish Styles look a like

  • OE

    God shes got that booty id love to stuff the fuck outta!

  • marty mcfly

    Chicks getting naked is great thing n all but in this particular case? I dont know if it was necessary for Rihanna to expose herself over fame. Unless somebody cut a huge check which I highly doubt, Im kinda disappointed Rihanna would take it to this level. Like if you a broke ass chick who’s fucked up in the game then yeah its time for you to get naked LOL but Rihanna, she doing ok for herself so I dont what could be gained from this but hey im just saying. I guess, huh thanks Rihanna for the tits n ass? Yeah ok

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      it aint all that complicated bruh. Lui magazine had a cover just like this before and I think it was Rihanna herself who wanted to remake it. Seems more like a girl being comfortable in her own skin than an issue about money.

      • marty mcfly

        I didnt think anything about this was complex but I also dont think taking off your clothes is some kinda demonstration in your comfortability with your own skin. She can do what she likes, my comment isnt an attack on her, its just interesting what these famous people will do for money or for free or whatever…

  • I wanna see the other side of that last photo