Sadat X – On Fire f. Cormega

blame it on Shake April 29, 2014

While his Grand Nubian partner Lord Jamar rants about white people being “guests” in hip hop, Kanye West being the “pioneer of this queer shit” and whatever else he’s doing, Sadat X continues to release music. You know, like a artist is supposed to do.

For his latest single, Sadat teams up with Cormega (and Lanelle Tyler) on the soulful new single, “On Fire.” Taken off his upcoming album, New York Never Left, due out June 24th.

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    dope track, Jamar should look at what Sadat is doing and learn. Dude is annoying and when he makes music its complete shit.

    • Derrick Jones

      What is it he should learn if both came in and went through the same game at the same time? One man chose his own faith and destiny just like a human suppose to artist or not. And lord jamar is one of a few that see and bold enough to speak on the covert opts of one converting and overtaking hip hop then influence the culture to predict a future of a specific design black artist with lots of push are wack and dumb down stupid with metrosexual borderline gay shit meanwhile mackerelmore and iggy claim in their own rites to be hip hop king and queen and I must say they are good at their job and for what it’s worth but their are black artist that get swept under the rug that would rap them both into a dizzy spell. My niggas look stupid until they are unwanted and supported and the white with be in the light of showing the best skills until hip hop like rock Blues and Jazz become something used to have as their own, remember what ever a slave think he own his master really owns it because master own the slave to own the want the slave owns.

      • MidKnightMaRawder

        Fuck are you even talking about? holy shit. My comment meant that Lord Jamar takes his time talking negative unimportant shit and being homophobic like we still in the 1800s. When Sadat is here making quality music. Last song I heard from Jamar was the Kanye diss. And lets be honest, that was utter shit and after that I’m not interested in listening to anything Jamar makes ever. He was never one of my favorites in Brand Nubian anyways but I would expect a lot more from him than that crap. Also, Iggy & Macklemore are no king/queen of anything.

  • Sadat X is a consistent artist. Love this soulful renditition, Lanelle got a great voice as well. The addition of Mega’s verse is lovely. Such a smooth flow. Great share.

  • Yasser Kaskas

    Tell em Shake