Chance The Rapper – I Am Very Very Lonely

blame it on Illy April 30, 2014

In honor of the one year anniversary of Acid Rap, Chano—who has cancelled several shows from his tour due to health issues—treats us to new music. Teaming up with The Social Experiment on the mellowy, “I Am Very Very Lonely.”

Hit My Line, I am so lonely. I just wanna shmoke. You can hit the roach.

  • AndOneill

    Nice this is chill!! One year since the masterpiece of AcidRap, still gets a lot of rotation this way, great tape! Channo is the man!

  • wat

    Nice vibe.

  • Mez D

    This is alright I don’t really like it thouhh.
    Acid Rap was amazing front to back my favorite thing to drop last year. Its crazy how much attention it brought him. Sort of like Drake and So Far Gone imo. Chance Vic Mensa, and save money really, bring a level of artistry and uniqueness to hip hop thats amazing I really fuck with what they’re doing

  • Dave

    This dude is such a creative artist. Him and Vic Mensa changing the game for the better.

  • malcyvelli

    Meh. where the Cole X Chance joint at tho.

  • Bryan Brennick

    Mr. Bennett does it again

  • Thank Me

    Really enjoying his connection with the social experiment



    • AmIDickRidingyet

      does it matter? this ain’t exactly the post to be looking for other anti-chance people

    • NOOOOO. “You Are Not Alone”…… !

    • StudentOfTheGame

      im from chicago, and i caught on him late, i really wasnt feeling the mixtape. i was forcing myself to listen. but every verse im hearing from a feature is dope. so i have to go back to acid rap and take my time with it. im on the fence with him, but he’s dope tho.

      but if it isnt your cup of tea its alright

    • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

      The guy has some real good stuff. This song fucking sucks tho

  • with his latest songs its been hit or miss for me..but i definitely dig this one.

  • Josh Morse

    Chance is one of those artist comin’ up that always makes me realize/remember that Gambino was and still is being slept on hard; only as far as I’m concerned Childish still has the most fire flow in comparison to most the rapper/singer/composer types makin’ a buzz currently!

    • vicky.marz

      I def agree with your statement. Gambino is still highly underrated even with the fan base he’s accumulated over the years. Ppl need open their ears. It’s unfortunate.

  • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

    Man this song was fucking shit