• Dave

    Good thing they took it off the market last week. So its gonna be harder to get. But I'm not too suprised at the effects. Like the shit is cough medicine. Its only suppose to be if your sick. If your not it will react way differently. I'm all for weed. But lean is one of the dumbest drugs/ trends i ever seen since white kids were huffing air.

    • Kev

      Lean's main ingredient is Codeine & that's not going anywhere. Other companies can still make the cough syrup. Codeine is an opiate many times weaker than Heroin but you can still overdose like Heroin. Many people who who are lean fiends don't even realize that they are using a weak form of dope.


    guwop backed up just like his career rip

    nice interview, had my phase with it after high school, glad to be off it. it's all nice in the moment and it goes down easier than most other drugs since it is mostly soda, but it really aint worth the after effects unless you find the idea of being half braindead for an evening fun.

  • Kev

    Who needs lean when you can get Oxy's?

  • leutrim

    Stop sipping lean you fucking idiots, listen to Danny

  • SmoakTehPots

    Real sippers don't drink to be cool...

  • timbuck

    kev stfu u be blabbing every post about some nonsense. oxys? bro get a grip on life.

    • Kev

      Who the fuck are you?