Floyd Mayweather Supports ‘Tha Carter V’

blame it on Meka April 30, 2014

First it was Kobe Bryant who was showing his support for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter re-up. Now the leader of the Money Team, Floyd Mayweather, chimes in with this video he recently unleashed on Instagram featuring Drake and Wayne in the studio together.

Who’s the next up to “tease” the album? I’m guessing Chris Bosh won’t…


    oh fuck that first beat sounds hard as hell

    i coulda done without drake floppin around like a noodle tho

    • Yongjefferson


  • Stevie Janowski

    Does anyone still play any music off any Lil Wayne albums? I don’t think any of the previous 4 albums are classics, 2&3 were both good but not classics IMO

    • Jae Brown

      More of his mixtape shit!…the original carter 2 with a few Mannie Fresh beats..Whoo!

    • Dat nigga

      2 & 3 classics. Start to finish. Carter 5 had about 5 good songs. I am not a human being had a few joints on both. And all mixtapes are classics. Weezy the great. Do your homework.

      • Stevie Janowski

        Classics so ur telling me ur still playing Lollipop right now on ur iPod and all lil Wayne carter 2 and 3 songs never said he didn’t have a good run but he doesn’t have a classic album to his name

        • Stevie Janowski

          Carter 2,3 and Like Father Like Son are the closest things to classics he has, he has had a good run in the game just saying how much of his music are u still bumpin

          • Dat nigga

            It’s funny cuz I’ve been on nothing but weezy lately to revisit that time hip hop was his bitch for a good 5/6 yrs. musically, shitting on anything jayz, 50Cent, whoever. From the south too. The carter 3 is his masterpiece. Lollipop too. The crossover hit that blew him up. And on my iTunes, I switch it out for the remix with kanye anyway. And they spitting bars, so what’s the problem ?

      • FactzOnly4U

        lol @ carter 3 being a classic
        Carter 2 is a classic, and his mixtapes are classic
        that’s all, he got a decent catalog

  • BigBen

    I doubt its showing support. more like good marketing

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    I ain’t a hater like most nigga’s, so I am going to keep an open mind and that beat was ill, so yes it piqued my interest.

  • NYBX

    2 wack artist BOOOO!!! 2 both these suckas

  • NYBX

    that wak ass beat sound like that wak started from the bottom track