• DC King Of Hearts

    Rihanna gonna make me kidnap her...

  • Chad_Williams

    Little nat geo titties and pancake ass. Okay she got a pretty face but what's the hype about? Niggas still fappin to photos lol? I need three lesbian midgets, a goat, and a pregnant girl to even get a boner these days. It's 2014.

    • Nobody

      The goat is an absolute MUST my G. No way around it . . .

    • http://tonymoreaux781.bandcamp.com/album/had-you-at-hello-ep malmoeone3


    • datbul

      Nigga I'm DYIN!!! Real talk.

  • http://crvck.com ONMY88SHiT

    I feel Rihanna covering up her forehead in all these photoshoots is like chicks that only wanna fuck with a shirt on cause their tits are too small lol

  • Yasser Kaskas

    Countdown to her Playboy spread has begun